Athletic Revolution

How Would You Like to be Given A Chance for Your Young Athlete to Become Faster, Stronger, Injury-Free & DOMINATE in Their Sport & Position?!

Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is Columbus’ Premier Training Center for Youth Athletic Performance, Fitness, & Weight Loss

Our football players become the strongest and most agile on the field!

Our soccer players become the fastest and quickest in the game!

Our basketball and softball/baseball players become the best and most injury-resistant athletes possible!

The Kids that don’t play sports become super fit, lose weight & body fat and get super confident!

No matter your child’s sport, no matter your child’s age, Athletic Revolution has a proven system for training that will
be successful at helping your child reach and dominate at the next level.

:: Increased Speed & Agility
:: Dominating Strength & Power
:: Injury Prevention Through Flexibility & Mobility
:: 1st Step Quickness & Explosion
:: Weight Training Technique
:: Health, Wellness, Body Fat Reduction

Below is a video explaining exactly what we do and why do it to make your child/teen a better athlete and person

Athletic Revolution-Hilliard will be re-branding as Improvement Warrior Athlete over the next couple of months. All information on this website is current and up to date. New website coming soon!

athletic speed and agility training


Below is a video of our owner, Jason Yun, taking you through a tour of our Hilliard Facility.

Call us now at (614) 304-1426 with any questions

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For information about our regular class schedule in Hilliard and for information about upcoming camps, clinics, academies, and seminars please click here or click the chalkboard.


Hilliard kids boot camp, fitness sports training by Yun


West Jeff Football player Athlete training in hilliard

Above Gavin Working on his core and pressing strength

Sprinter and Hurdler- Speed and Agility Training

Dublin youth fitness training

Logan levels up to Level 1 on his 4th attempt- Never Give Up!

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