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Ohio State Basketball- Athletic Revolution-HilliardSo you might of heard or not have heard about Ohio State University’s College Basketball star Aaron Craft putting on a Youth Basketball camp in Worthington, OH this July (summer 2014).

Basketball camps are always a great place to learn the fundamentals, techniques, and skills to become a better overall basketball player. You can’t go anywhere without the fundamentals no matter how much talent your young athlete may have.

Here’s a link to the Aaron Craft basketball camp. 

A breakdown of the things you will learn at the camp are:

Join Aaron for 6 Hours of Instruction and Fun

Stations and Fundamentals

Each day, the campers will experience various stations, specializing in fundamental skills of basketball. Individual groups will be small to ensure that each camper gets maximum instruction.
 hilliard basketball strength, speed and agility

Games and Competition

Campers will participate in daily games, stations, and skill contests during the Aaron Craft Basketball ProCamp presented by SunnyD. Each camper will be placed on a team according to his or her age.

Instructional Lectures

Aaron Craft will give talks highlighting the finer points of the game of basketball and beyond. Parents and guests will be able to listen to camp guests in designated areas at each location.
Now every basketball player who has ever picked up a basketball dreams of playing in the NBA or WNBA. I was certainly no exception– I thought I was going to replace Robert Parish as part of the next BIG 3 in Boston, but growing to only 5’10.5″ is a problem 🙂
But— Any player who makes it to the pros or to an elite High school or College level- they all have one thing in common and that is
Awesome Strength and Conditioning!
Because if you are weak you’re going to get beat the majority of the time.
At Athletic Revolution-Hilliard our training sessions create the best overall athlete possible. Our major emphasis is on strength. Because with strength leads to more power, which leads to more speed, acceleration, deceleration, agility, quickness— a better athlete.
Plus we work on the things that most other programs neglect– mobility, coordination, flexibility.
And let’s not forget regeneration. If you athlete just goes goes goes and doesn’t let the body or the mind recover, then there is going to be some decline. This is huge for Athletic Revolution-Hilliard. Our #1 priority is injury prevention. Because without this– your young athlete loses time and everything that they’ve gained up to that point.
It’s the little things that count- we keep your athlete safe and injury free, then we focus on making the best athlete possible with the awesome strength and conditioning systems that we have created.
So if you plan on attending Aaron Craft’s basketball camp or any basketball camp this summer, afterwards check out Athletic Revolution-Hilliard. Because athletic development is a long-term process, not a 2-day or a 6-week camp.

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