All Stars

On this page you will find a couple different things. You will find our strength numbers (coming soon) for different exercises that exhibit the needed attributes to excel in sport and athletics: strength, power, speed, agility, stamina, etc…….

Also on this page you will see some of our Elementary, Middle, and High School All-Stars that are or have been a part of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard. Any links on this page will usually link over to a blog post, pictures or video featuring the All-Star athlete.

Bo Jackson Sports Training for Baseball Hilliard, OH

  • Austin Hendrick: Positions: Catcher, Pitcher, Shortstop. Team: Colts White. School: Washington Elementary School
  • Ben Miller: Positions: Right Field and 2nd Base. Team:
  • Brady Abele: Position: Pitcher, 1st base, catcher.: Team: Norwich Elementary
  • Brandon Tuller: Position: 2nd base and right field: School: Hilliard Memorial Middle School
  • Cameron CC Colombini: Position: Outfield School: Heritage Middle School
  • Cayden Ferguson: Position: Pitcher and Outfield: School: West Jefferson Roughriders
  • Colin Bodak: Position: Pitcher, Outfield, 3rd base, 2nd base: Team: Ohio Wolves: School: Heritage
  • Daniel Crane: Position: 1st Base & pitcher: team:
  • Dylan Bunyak: Position: Catcher: Team:
  • Grant Rowland: Position: Infield Team: Hilliard Darby Panthers
  • Greg Brown: Position: Pitcher and Outfield: Team: Hilliard Darby
  • Matt Kromalic: Position: 1st base, 3rd base, catcher, and Pitcher: Team
  • Logan Henry: Position: Catcher: Team
  • Luke Warner: Position 2nd Base: School: Bailey Elementary Dublin, OH Team: Dublin Bats
  • Nathan Grobenly: Position: Catcher, Outfield, Pitcher: Team:
  • Nick Dymek: Position: Pitcher. Team:
  • Nik Monroe: Position: Team:
  • Patrick Sherman: Position: All: School: Norwich: Team: Colts
  • Randy (RJ) Burke Jr.: Position: Infield: Team: Darby Woods
  • Ryan Stockamp: Position: Team:
  • Soham Sorathia: Position: Team:
  • Victor Tyo: Position: Pitcher and 3rd Base: Team: Grove City Grizzlies 14U
  • Zach Reece: Positions: Pitcher, 2nd Base, Left field. Team:

basketball strength, speed, and power training

  • Al-Hasan Elhadi: Position: Shooting Guard & Small Forward. Team: Cavs YMCA. School: Sunrise Academy
  • Andrew Hunter: Position: Center: School: Bishop Ready
  • Brady Carter: Position: Point Guard: School: London Elementary
  • ‘CC’ Cameron Colombini: Position: Team:
  • Cedric Holman Jr.- Position: Team
  • Hunter Smith: Position: team:
  • Isaiah Speelman: Position: Forward. Team: Hilliard Bradley
  • John Lucas: Position: Shooting Guard: Team: Central Crossing High School
  • Jon Mullen: Position: Forward: School: Bishop Ready
  • Justice Ross: Position: Forward: School: Columbus South
  • Kaleb Williams: Position: Team:
  • Kavin Mottola: Position: Guard: Team:
  • Maci Keys: Position: Power Forward: School: Weaver Middle School
  • Mithra Kancheti: Position: : Team
  • Nick Dymek: Position: Shooting Guard. Team:
  • Nick Ferko: Position: Guard Team: Hilliard Darby High School
  • Patrick Randall: Position: Team:
  • Randy (RJ) Burke Jr.: Position: any: Team: Darby Woods
  • Matthew Chriszt: Position: Team: West Jefferson Roughriders
  • Tommy Ernst: Position: Team:
  • Zach Reese: Position: Forward. Team:

Youth Fitness & Power- sports training columbus, OH

  • Graydon Hutchinson: School: lub Team: Liberty BMX. School: Buckeye Woods Elementary School, Grove City, OH
  • Miles Hutchinson. Club Team: Liberty BMX. School: Buckeye Woods Elementary School, Grove City, OH
  • Tyler Looper: School:

Football athletic training dublin, oh

  • Alex Jones: Position: Wide Receiver, Split Back, and Cornerback: Team: Hilliard Darby
  • Ayden Hofer: Position: Running Back: Ridgewood Elementary
  • Billy Cantwell: Position: Guard and Nose Guard: Team: Hilliard Darby
  • Cayden Ferguson: Position: Pitcher and Outfield: School: West Jefferson Roughriders
  • ‘CC’ Cameron Colombini: Position: Corner back and Wide Receiver Team: Heritage Middle School
  • Cedric Holman Jr.- Position: Team
  • Chase Smith: Position: team:
  • Chayce Watson: Position: Offensive & Defensive Line: team:
  • Christian Mannarelli: Position: Team
  • Colin Bodak: Position: Center: Team: Ohio Wolves: School: Heritage
  • Dylan Bunyak: Position: Team:
  • Emilie Lannon: Position: Wide Receiver and Center. Team: Cowboys. League: Flag Football Fanatics: Hilliard Senior Division
  • Gavin Frybarger: Position: Running Back: Team: West Jefferson Middle School Roughriders
  • Griffin Molino: Position: Nose Guard: School: Hayes Intermediate School, Grove City, OH
  • Hassan Shukri: Position: Defensive End, Linebacker & Tight End: Team:  Hilliard Bradley & Lake Erie College Storm
  • Hayden Thompson: Position: Tackle & Defensive Tackle: School: London High School
  • Hunter Smith: Position: team:
  • Jacob Hofer: Position: Quarterback: School: Hilliard Station
  • Jacob Woolridge: Position: Team
  • Jake Snyder: Positions: Cornerback and Wide receiver: Team:
  • Jordan Hoover: Position: Offensive & Defensive Line: Team:
  • Jordin Brown: Position: Running Back & Linebacker: Team:
  • Kaleb Williams: Position: Team:
  • Kavin Mottola: Position Quarterback: Team
  • Jake Blevins: position: Team:
  • Luke Atkins: Position: Offensive & Defensive line: Team:
  • Matthew Sailor: Position: Wide Receiver and Cornerback: Team:
  • Michael Chriszt: Position: Running Back and Outside Linebacker: Team: West Jefferson Roughriders
  • Nick Dymek: Position: Full Back, Linebacker. Team:
  • Nick Ferko: Position: Running back & Defensive Back: Team: Hilliard Darby High School
  • Nick Wile: Position: Team:
  • Nik Monroe: Position: Team:
  • Owen Erickson: Position: Offensive Line: Team:
  • Paul Dillion: Position: Offensive & Defensive Line: Team: Hilliard Darby Panthers
  • Randy (RJ) Burke Jr.: Position: Quarterback and wide receiver: Team: Darby Woods
  • Ryan Judge: Position: Team:
  • Seveon Stewart: Position: Corner Back: Team:
  • Soham Sorathia: Position: Team:

Sports training facility for golfers

  • Arianna Murray:  School: St. Brendan
  • Luke Warner: School: Bailey Elementary Dublin, OH

gymnasts training sports complex near columbus, oh

  • Gabriella Murray: Events: Team
  • Avery Jervis: School: Alton Darby Elementary School

youth hockey training- coordination goalies

  • Daniel Crane: Position: Team:
  • Logan Ernest: Position: Goalie: Team AA Travel
  • Ryan Stockamp: Position: Team:
  • Xander Holway: Position: Defensemen: Team:
  • Seth Holway: Position: Defensemen: Team:

Hilliard, dublin, columbus, training for lacrosse

  • Kaleb Williams: Position: Team:
  • Kelly Blevins: Position: Attacker: Team: School: Davidson High School
  • Jake Blevins: position: Attacker: Team: Titanium LAX School: Weaver Middle School
  • Logan Ernest: Position: Goalie: Team AA Travel
  • Max Ritchey: Position: Attacker: Team: Titanium LAX
  • Nick Wile: Position: Team:

Youth Training & Sports Complex karate

  • Kaden Kubota: Belt: Team:

Columbus rowing dry land strength training

  • Mariam Noll: School: Hilliard Davidson

Athletic Revolution-Hilliard for softball

  • Abby Sheets: Team: Cap City Force
  • Avery Ketch: Position: Team
  • Kama Neff: Position: Pitcher: team:
  • Emily Judge: Position: Team:
  • Maci Keys: Position: 3rd base: School: Weaver Middle School
  • Morgan Daniels: Position: Pitcher: Team:

Soccer Sports training facility- Dublin & Hilliard, OH

  • Andrew Hannah: Position: Striker/Forward: Defender
  • Anna Miller: Position. Team:
  • Brandon Roberts: Position: Forward/Striker, Defense, Goalie: Team: Heritage Middle School
  • Brian Watkins: Position: Goalie. Team: Club Ohio Soccer. School: Heritage Middle School
  • Christian Mannarelli: Position: Team
  • Dylan Syvilayrack: Position: Forward: School: Alton Darby
  • Emma Schossler: Position: Striker/Forward. Team:
  • Jake Johnson: Position:  Goalie: Team:
  • Koby Bateman: Position: Team:
  • Maddy Grobe: Position: Mid-Fielder: Team: Ohio Premier Soccer
  • Madison Sedlock: Position: Striker/Forward: Team
  • Owen Schnipke: Team: HFC Soccer: School: St. Brendan
  • Teige Plumely: Position: Defender: Team:
  • Vince Isabelle: Position: Defender: Team:
  • Zachary Blackmon: Position: Defender: Team:

Swimming strength training & sports facility Hilliard, OH

  • Abby Ng: Events: Team
  • Jack Sweeney: School: Washington Elementary School
  • Maci Keys: Events: Freestyle and Back stroke: School: Weaver Middle School
  • Mariam Noll:  School: Hilliard Davidson

Tennis strength training for athletes Hilliard, OH

sprinting and power training sports complex

  • Aliya Lewis: Events: 100 Meter Dash. Team:
  • Jackson Gunn: Events: Shot-put, Team:
  • Kayanna Scannell: Events: team:
  • Lucy Bishop: Events: Team:
  • Myra Knowles: Event: 100 and 400 M Dash
  • Seveon Stewart: Events: 4×100 relay, 4 x 200 relay, 110 hurdles, 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash: Team:
  • Soham Sorathia: Position: Team:

volleyball athlete training- Athletic Sport Complex

  • Arianna Murray:  School: St. Brendan
  • Madelyn Hinz: Position: Setter: Team:
  • Maci Keys: Position: Middle Hitter: School: Weaver Middle School: team: Elite Volleyball
  • Makenna Mitchell: Position: Team:
  • Nick Ferko: Position: Setter: Team: Hilliard Darby High School
  • Van Johnson: Position: Team:
  • Kamryn Ratliff: Position: Team:

Wrestling strength, stamina, speed training Hilliard, OH

  • Andy Lehman: Team:
  • Billy Cantwell:  Team: Hilliard Darby Panthers
  • Cameron CC Colombini: School: Heritage Middle School
  • Cayden Ferguson: Position: Pitcher and Outfield: School: West Jefferson Roughriders
  • Nik Monroe: Position: Team:
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