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Take Your Game to the Next Level: Game-Improvement Basketball Training for Boys and Girls Aged 8-22

Do you want to improve your basketball game? Do you want to take your game to the next level? Do you want to learn all the basics of basketball and refine your skills to expert level? Dreaming of one day becoming a basketball star?

Your journey to becoming the basketball player you dream of becoming all starts here, with Athletic Revolution Hilliard’s youth training program for basketball players

Basketball Advancement Training for Age Groups 8-13 and 14-22

Basketball training, effective basketball training, involves way more than just shooting hoops and mastering your ball skills, with some of the players who go on to achieve great things in the game serving as perfect examples of the athletic part of the game. As with all other things in life, talent makes for only 10% of one’s success, while the remaining 90% is comprised out of hard-work and a great  strength & conditioning program and coaches.

Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is very well placed to put you well on your way to hitting great heights, offering youth developmental training programs to help boys and girls aged 8-13 and 14-22 improve their game considerably.

Our highly skilled, dedicated, experienced and qualified team of dedicated professional coaches will work with you every step of they way, kicking things off with the basics that will be built-upon to elevate your basketball game, with your development limited only by your own desire to improve. We always work on these attributes for each and every athlete to take your game to the next level: Complete Athlete Development. We offer a specialized youth training program that takes into account your child’s current developmental stage, leveraging on the rawness that comes with these particular age groups to instill some physical strength & conditioning techniques that will really benefit you going forward.

Kicking Things off with some Basic Athleticism

Any and all great sportspersons are great athletes first, enjoying the collective arsenal of strength, fitness, power, speed, agility, conditioning, flexibility, mobility, stability, balance and coordination above all other average counterparts. Everything else comes into play as an added bonus, like dribbling skills and a raw talent for the game, so working on these factors is of vital importance if you are to advance your basketball career. Talent means nothing if you cannot maintain a high level of performance for the duration of the game and we can help you reach those peak performance levels required to consistently give a good account of yourself.

Avoiding Injury & Developing Basketball-Specific Strengths

At Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, we understand the importance of avoiding injuries, as injuries can really hamper the progress of your child’s development and possible career in the game of basketball. That is why we address all areas of the game, paying special care in our approach to processes such as safely improving mobility & flexibility. We instill best-practices into the minds of all our young athletes and improve their overall conditioning to drastically reduce their injury risk, while they’ll also enjoy the benefits of staying injury free during highly competitive exertions.

We also implement the use of mobilizations before, after and recommend the use of these at home– for both athlete and parents: See below. 

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Factoring in the Basketball-Specific Advancement Training

Our basketball training regimes are divided into the age groups of 8-13 and 14-22 because we understand that the optimal game development training techniques are different for each of these age groups, thus narrowing the focus down to offer a much more age-specific and centered approach. This gives all our young athletes the best chance to develop their game safely and effectively. Each of our programs works on developing the best overall athlete for basketball and any sport. Just because someone can shoot, doesn’t automatically make them a great basketball player. The best athlete on the court 9.5 times out 10 wins the battle.

Girls basketball speed & strength & agility training

Once all the basics and conditional training have been drilled in, this youth training program will start to bear some great results when the transition over onto the basketball court is fully entertained. Furthermore, training techniques and the tangible results to go with can be taken forward and will forever be available as a reference point in the continued development of your game.

We routinely get the question of won’t strength training for my child hurt their jump shot or development? Read this post: Michael Jordan’s Breakfast Club: Weightlifting & Basketball


Start your 2-week trial today and become the basketball superstar of your team and league today!

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