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Athletic Revolution-Hilliard Baseball & Softball Training

Baseball and softball is a well-liked sport, both by adults and children alike. While adults may play the sport for fun, young kids and teenagers have a chance to make a career out of playing baseball and softball. At a young age, kids are in a better position to learn the nuances of the game, study the game in-depth, and develop the right attitude and physical tools for the game. It is really enjoyable if you get to play in a professional team, but even if you don’t, there are a lot of benefits, both mental and physical, to getting the right baseball & softball training.

As a young baseball & softball player, you can’t just walk into a gym and wing it. You need the right training and coaching in order to learn the strength & conditioning techniques that will excel your game. In short, you need a plan. Why? Because training with a plan helps you develop your strengths as a player, and with the right environment, you grow both physically and mentally. It is for this reason that Athletic Revolution-Hilliard offers you a chance to train with the best baseball & softball coaches and trainers, to get you in the best possible shape.

Being healthy is not only restricted to the physical aspects. Rather, being healthy and fit takes into consideration the emotional, physical, and mental aspects. By joining an Athletic Revolution baseball & softball training program, your physical body benefits from the drills and repetitions you will be put through. As a young player, your body responds very well to training, much better than if you started training in your later years. You develop speed & acceleration as you run from one base to another, agility as you start and stop and change direction, concentration as you focus on catching a fly ball, hand-eye coordination as you strive to pitch a perfect game. In effect, your whole body gets the necessary exercise it needs to stay fit.

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It takes a lot of analysis and thinking to win a game of baseball & softball. As a pitcher, you try and figure out whether to throw a fast or slow ball, whether the batter will miss or hit the ball. As a batter, you try and figure out where the pitcher will place the ball, and whether you should go for the home run or not. All this time, your mental faculties are in full gear, analyzing situations and making decisions that will benefit you. With coaches and trainers around, you are opened up to the strategies of the game; information that builds you up mentally. At the end of the day, you are able to think analytically and make decisions faster.

Having strong thinking skills builds your confidence and overall wellbeing. To be a complete player, you take the physical and mental aspects of the game, and you use them to your advantage. As a young player, there is no better asset in your growth in life than having the confidence to face challenges with an open mind. Outside of baseball & softball, you are able to concentrate on classwork, and finish assignments handed to you.

Baseball & softball is a team sport, and with other enthusiastic players around you at training camp, you foster meaningful relationships, as well as learn to let teammates help you where you fail. You can’t do everything on your own, so let teammates come to your aid, even as you help them out where you can.

Baseball and Softball are power sports in one of the truest senses of sport. The most they will run is if they hit an inside-the-park-homerun and how often does that happen? If you are involved with teams and training programs that consistently have your young athletes running distance for warm-up or conditioning you need to find a new coach or program, or at least have the coach contact a professional strength & conditioning program like ours; because they are simply destroying your young athletes peak power production. Please see our post: Running is not conditioning.

One big problem that baseball and softball players run into is year round playing and early specialization. Especially if it is found out that they have potential to go far. If this is your case please read our blog posts here: Baseball & Softball- How much is too much | Mistakes Parents Make With Young Athletes Part 2

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Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is your choice baseball or softball performance training center. With world class coaches, you are assured nothing but the best advice, tips, and workouts, even as you endeavor to become the best athlete in your league. Athletic Revolution’s training programs are considered the best in world, and offer fantastic health benefits.

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