Blue Light Free Sports & Fitness Training Facility- Hilliard, OH

Blue Light Free Sports & Fitness Training Facility- Hilliard, OH

Blue Light Free Sports & Fitness Training Facility?

👊Does Your Young Athlete’s Training Facility Do This?!

Introducing the new and improved Athletic Revolution-Hilliard and  Improvement Warrior Fitness (our adult fitness training)! Blue Light Free Training Zone!

Pretty sure we are the first ‘gym’ in the greater Columbus area to do this. Definitely in Hilliard, Ohio. And Definitely the first sports training facility or complex. And I only know of one other gym in Lexington and another in Europe, but I’m sure there are others and more definitely to come as we learn about the dangers of blue light.

Just like there is wifi hotspots, I believe there is going to be blue light free hotspots– although it will take 10-30 years.

Those that embrace this will change their health and life around now rather then watching a decline of yourself and loved ones.

Athletic revolution hilliard and dublin athlete speed

Your light environment is more important then your food and exercise. This is especially important for an athlete who wants to avoid injuries. Our #1 goal with any athlete or non-athlete who comes into our program is injury prevention— that should be the goal of any sports training program, and unfortunately it is not (some are just all about youtube or instagram highlight videos). Read our developing a complete athlete blog post here.


Already have disease?

And light is even more so if you already have a disease. Big problem most people don’t know they have one because they fight the symptoms with artificial means (aka medications, over the counter medicine, caffeine, food, etc…….)

Here, at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, we do try and keep the lights off as much as possible, however we are here before the sun rises and after it goes down.

Because lights and anything that uses electricity will still be run off the power grid, which causes massive surge of EMF- electro magnetic fields, which can run havoc on your body and mitochondria— powerhouse of the cell and where ATP is created.

Your young athlete needs to have the most effecieint ATP production possible otherwise they will run out of energy and oxygen and get beat.

Blue light is the worst non-native EMF. So protect those eyes and skin.

If you haven’t watched our blue light toxicity webinar: Watch it now:

Or you can watch it on our Head Strength Coach’s, Jason Yun, facebook page here:

Blue light at night is part of the reason so many people don’t get enough sleep, and researchers have linked short sleep to increased risk for depression, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Kids and especially at the age of 12 through 19 are supposed to get the most sleep of any age group (except for babies), and that is because they are growing through the biggest growth spurts of their life.

Most of our major organs don’t fully develop until late teens to mid-20’s. Brain is the latter. Blue light cuts deep into that development.


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