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Any pre-teen and teenage kid looking to improve their hockey playing skills and potential only needs to look for a good training program in order to do so. Talk of expensive gym memberships and fancy equipment should be cast away for a young hockey player. All such a player needs is a training program, space to train, a commitment to excellence, and some kick a$$ coaches! Athletic Revolution-Hilliard’s hockey training program, then, should be your choice hockey program for you, as they are geared towards growing you as a hockey player and becoming the best athlete on the ice! All while keeping you off the IR.

Between the ages of 8-13 and 14-22, young kids often experience significant growth. What a young kid wouldn’t be able to do at 10 years, they can do at the age of 15. As such, a good hockey training program can take advantage of this increase in growth, and by teaching the basics of hockey in their younger years, kids can follow up years later with full workouts to increase their potential.

You can put a young teen through strenuous physical training and they’ll surely benefit from the training, but for them to achieve their full hockey playing potential, they have to train to be an overall better athlete. The best athletes always win out over the speed guy or the power guy, or the finesse guy. That’s what Athletic Revolution-Hilliard offers you, a training program that targets the specific areas that mold great hockey players. Aspects like stride speed, power, agility, quickness, and strength can all be improved to a significant degree by following Athletic Revolution’s  training program, and all participants will see great results as opposed to following a generic workout plan.

In the hockey, players are often required to play at 100 percent fitness, often at intervals, then rest and get back to full speed. For such fitness, cardio work has to be extensively planned for in the training program. With the best fitness trainers in the world, you will be put through the paces of a specific cardio program, so that you can play without experiencing fatigue for longer periods of time during your hockey games and practices.

Having strength is important in hockey, but more importantly is power. Power is applied fast and explosively, and requires proper form and control to master. As a young kid, you may not have the strength to perform heavy lifts, but with lighter loads to carry, you can be trained to push explosively through movements. Your strength will come gradually, but your power can be harnessed at your young age, for better results.

To gain power effectively, Athletic Revolution’s athlete training program focuses on explosion. Explosion or power workouts, what some people call plyometrics, are dedicated to making you a quicker and more powerful athlete. For such workouts, all you need is space and an experienced mentor to show you how to move quicker. With constant plyometric exercises, your movement becomes better, and it is one of the most valuable workout tools any hockey player can have in their arsenal.

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Part of training at Athletic Revolution’s hockey training program is the ability to compete with other players. You will be put in your specific age groups, and from there you have the chance to compete against other skilled individuals. Through competition you learn the value of teamwork, as all hockey players on a team need to work together for positive results.

If you are a young male hockey player and you need to train, you need to focus on all the aspects of hockey training: cardio, power, speed, coordination, flexibility and agility. For the best results, a hockey specific workout program will show you how to improve in all these areas. With Athletic Revolution’s hockey program, that’s exactly what you are guaranteed; top notch training that has been considered the best in the world for youth and teenage hockey players.

So are you ready to take your Hockey abilities to the next level? The ice will look totally different when you step on it next time!

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