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Athletic Revolution-Hilliard Boys Lacrosse Training

In order to be competitive in lacrosse, you have to be strong, fast, agile, and have the endurance to play the game for long periods of time. Fitness is a huge part of being great at lacrosse, and even outside the field, being fit is the only lifestyle you should strive for. Arriving for you first day of lacrosse practice out of shape is a sure way to get in the coaches’ doghouse and fall behind everyone else on the team in terms of growth and development.

But what if you can make good use of an opportunity to train with experienced strength & conditioning coaches to get you in the best shape of your life?

At Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, you have the chance to grow your lacrosse training fitness, and participate in some of the most effective speed, agility, power, coordination and endurance drills you will ever perform. Plus we help to take your nutrition to the next level.

Training with Athletic Revolution’s boys’ lacrosse program affords you the opportunity to realize your strengths and weaknesses as a lacrosse player and as an athlete overall. Come the start of the season, you will in a better place to either make the team or increase your greatness from previous seasons, simply because you showcase your strengths better than everyone else. During the season you will outlast your competition when it counts– late in the game and in the post-season. And that is what separates the Champions from the Wannabes

There are many training routines out there that you can employ and that will be effective, but what has really helped many lacrosse athletes across the country are ATHLETE specific training programs. With experienced trainers and coaches and a well-equipped facility, our athletic enhancement program ensures you get the knowledge and help needed to take your game to the next level. Where athletes train in specific programs to become a better athlete  the results are significantly better than if they had chosen to utilize a generic skill.

Being the best athlete on the field ensures your strengths are stronger, your weaknesses become non-existent and you get all the accolades from your teammates, coaches, parents, opponents, and hopefully recruiters.

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Lacrosse is a sport that kids of all sizes from ages 8-22 can enjoy. It is a contact sport, but unlike football and basketball where the big kids thrive, the best lacrosse players are usually those that are fast and have great hand-eye coordination, regardless of their size. The game itself is fast paced and exciting, and even though there will be lots of contact, rarely do you see lacrosse players go down with the kind of injuries that other contact sport players fall prone to. The injury rate among lacrosse players is very low, thus making participation in the game safe for you.

Participating in Athletic Revolution Hilliard’s lacrosse training program allows you to enjoy a different playing and training environment than what you might be used to. Whereas traditional trainers  will sometimes focus more on the drills, the coaches at AR allow you to have fun while also becoming a better athlete. The drills are changed weekly and sometimes daily, and by incorporating some level of competition, the fun levels increase. The most important aspect of the training program is to allow you to have fun, all the while improving your fitness, strength and other athletic abilities.

When it comes to the physical requirements for the game of lacrosse, there is ton of running involved. To be in good shape, coaches will identify a good regimen that will enable you improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. And NO–running long distances is not appropriate conditioning for a Lacrosse player. As the program progresses, the drills will focus on increasing your speed, strength, and agility. Lacrosse requires all round fitness, and by the end of the program, you will be in great shape. Should the season start the day after, you will be miles ahead the rest of the team, given the wealth of knowledge and skill you have gained.

All the training at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is formulated in way that takes advantage of your strengths, while also allowing for significant progress in a conducive environment. You won’t leave the training program in the same shape you came in, and that speaks volumes to the dedication, passion, skill, and desire that AR has in wanting to make you a better athlete.

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Athletic Revolution serves the Hilliard, Galloway, Dublin, Powell, Grove City, and Columbus area athletes. We work with kids ages 8-13 and 14-22.

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