Pay Attention- You could be gone tomorrow

By Coach Yun

An accidental death always hurts and does not need to happen. Pay attention to life. Be grateful because you may never get another moment. It can be taken away in an instant. I’ve come to realize that everybody is put on this earth for a purpose. However sometimes we are distracted— by people, things, and […]

FitRanX Testing Hilliard Athletes-June 2017

By Christian

FitRanX Testing Hillard Athletes- Below is a list of everybody who leveled up and those who earned points. The list includes both our adults and youth programs As a coach it is especially exciting to see our kids level up to the higher levels after attempting that level multiple times. For Cedric this was his […]

Getting Faster Is Not Fancy

By Coach Yun

Getting Faster Is Not Fancy: Speed, Agility, Quickness Training For Youth Athletes in Hilliard, Ohio Speed, agility, quickness training is not just a bunch of speed or agility drills thrown randomly out that look cool on video. . If an athletes posture is off, have tight hips or quads or hamstrings, collapsed arches, sit too […]

Team Tire Pulls- Hilliard, Ohio Strength Training

By Christian

Getting work done – Athletic Revolution-Hilliard Above 3 of our Athletic Revolution-Hilliard champions work together to pull a 350 pound tire around on our turf. These are some of our smaller athletes and the key with doing something or anything that seems insurmountable is mindset. Especially when lifting a big huge tractor tire. There is […]

Let your motivation drive you! Hilliard Athlete Speed

By Coach Yun

Every single day we have options– move forward with our life or stay in our comfort zone. Staying in our comfort zone actually makes us actually worse. Can you motivate yourself past your excuses to the point where you are inspired where you don’t need external motivation?  If you are constantly making excuses for something […]

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