Pushup Corrections Athletic Revolution Hilliard

By Christian

Pushup Corrections Athletic Revolution Hilliard Written by Jason Yun As a strength and conditioning for young athletes– ages 8 and up, sometimes as young as 6– I see it all the time: kids can’t do basic exercises anymore. Pushups and squats being the biggest culprits. I myself was a culprit of pushups as well just […]

Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training

By Coach Yun

  Jason Yun, owner of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, Conducts a strength circuit with superstar Nick Dymek, Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training \ Above Nick is performing the deadlift. He is relatively new to this exercise and it is one of our foundational lifts as it builds the entire body with strength & power for every sport. Form […]

Hilliard Baseball, Tennis, Football Strength & Power Training

By Coach Yun

In the video above we are working one of our strength/power/mobility circuits. Sorry for the crazy camera work, but a coach has got to coach 1st and foremost and not focus on being the next Stephen Spielberg 🙂 Several athletes from different sports including football, baseball, basketball, and tennis working on several different exercises: Sandbag […]

Hilliard Baseball & Softball- How Much is Too Much?

By Coach Yun

Agility Training For Hilliard Baseball (on youtube) Agility and Speed Training is something pretty much every athlete needs. Especially in baseball and softball. The ability to cut when running the bases, explode off the starting ‘blocks’, sprint towards a fly ball, or get out of a run-down are all components of speed and agility. There are […]

Sports & Fitness Training Facility- Hilliard, OH

By Coach Yun

Youth training sports & fitness facility in Hilliard, OH. There are many personal trainers, fitness trainers, Sports trainers and gyms in the Columbus, Ohio area. But it takes a Coach to take someone to the next Level. Gym’s, strength coaches and sports training facilities aren’t created equal. . A “gym” that you pay $29 or […]

January 2016- Hilliard Speed, Strength Agility Training Announcements

By Coach Yun

Phase 1 2016 Announcements Hey, Parents and Champions! AHO! Happy Sunday to you! May your day be filled with awesomeness! Welcome to Phase 1! Week 3! 1/25 – 1/129/16- Remember this phase goes through next week 1/29. Then the assessments are the following week (2/1)– EVERYBODY MUST SCHEDULE THEIR ASSESSMENTS- if your child shows up without […]

Why Some Athletes Are NOT TOUGH?!?! – Hilliard Athletic Training

By Coach Yun

Down below one of my mentors, Zach Even-Esh, and reasons I train the way I train today, and also train my athletes the way I do at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, discusses why some athletes have it and some athletes don’t. And what ‘IT’ is— toughness. In particular mental toughness. Toughness can be developed, but when kids […]

Hilliard Nutrition for Kids: Healthy French Fries

By Coach Yun

    We’re baking an awesome, healthy Paleo meal for you  or a Paleo snack, appetizer. Today we’re making Butternut Squash Fries. This is an awesomely simple healthy meal. It can be done pre-workout or practice, or after your child’s game, or practice or training. They are delcicious. Cooked in healthy oils and supply vitamins […]

Athletic Revolution: Clients In Action

By Coach Yun

How Would You Like to be Given A Chance for Your Young Athlete to Become Faster, Stronger, Injury-Free & DOMINATE in Their Sport & Position?! Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is Columbus’ Premier Training Center for Youth Athletic Performance & Fitness Our football players become the strongest and most agile on the field! Our soccer players become the […]

Soccer and Baseball Middle School Hilliard Athlete Training

By Coach Yun

Down below two of our superstar soccer athletes and our baseball star tackle level 2 of the FitRanX testing. This is the conditioning part. Conditioning is a big part of soccer and most soccer programs get it wrong when doing it. Running is not conditioning unless you are a cross country or distance runner in […]

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