Training VLOG- Jason Yun, Athletic Revolution-Hilliard Head Coach 5.28.18

By Coach Yun

Monday to Saturday training. I’ve recently been doing some training vlog videos up on my youtube channel. So I thought I would include it here on the blog as well. I’ll alternate the blogs I add this up onto. We never recommend someone starting off train more then 3 times a week (with our type […]

Strength & Conditioning- kettlebells, sledgehammer, and sleds 💯👊

By Coach Yun

Was inspired by today’s workout to get a quick little GPP (General Physical Preparation) and conditioning workout in after our last advanced training class with our 14+ Youth Athletes. The workout we did today was this one: My Quick conditioning and GPP workout today 🔥 Kettlebell swings, clean, high pull, snatch 1:00 Waiter walks :30 […]

Core Strength Training- Hockey & Soccer-Hilliard Sports

By Coach Yun

In the video above Head Coach Jason Yun takes 5 kids in our Exploration class (8-12 year olds) through a core circuit. The front and side bridge or plank or pillar. Our core’s primary function is to stabilize our spine. Unfortunately, many kids this age and even high schoolers and college kids don’t have the […]

Pushup Corrections Athletic Revolution Hilliard

By Christian

Pushup Corrections Athletic Revolution Hilliard Written by Jason Yun As a strength and conditioning for young athletes– ages 8 and up, sometimes as young as 6– I see it all the time: kids can’t do basic exercises anymore. Pushups and squats being the biggest culprits. I myself was a culprit of pushups as well just […]

Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training

By Coach Yun

  Jason Yun, owner of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, Conducts a strength circuit with superstar Nick Dymek, Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training \ Above Nick is performing the deadlift. He is relatively new to this exercise and it is one of our foundational lifts as it builds the entire body with strength & power for every sport. Form […]

Hilliard Strength Training: Hip Stability Control For Athletic Movement

By Coach Yun

In the video above, head strength & conditioning coach of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, Jason Yun, takes you through the importance of creating torque when performing a squat movement. This will also apply to any other lower body exercise or movement. Torque is another way to say ‘get tight.’ You may have also heard the term ‘drive […]

Coach’s Responsibility to Young Athletes

By Coach Yun

Was listening to the I love marketing podcast with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. At the beginning of the podcast, I think it was Joe, who mentioned he was not a sports fan due to a little league baseball coach who he said was always negative and making him hold the bat a certain way. […]

Lifting Weights & Basketball- The Story Of Michael Jordan’s Breakfast Club

By Coach Yun

“Good Morning Jason! Coach Tucker doesn’t want them training during in-season because they need to be focused on their plays and it will throw off their shot. They have practice everyday but Sunday. So once season is over in a few weeks he will be back to Athletic Revolution in full swing.” -Basketball Parent   . The […]

Kids and Sitting- Hilliard Schools

By Coach Yun

Sitting is bad. Kelley Starrett says ‘sitting is death’. And I agree! With kids sitting it’s an issue that will turn bad quick. The majority of kids are going to be going to school from 8-3 or on a similar schedule. With very little activity– the majority of schools don’t even have ‘gym’ anymore. When […]

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