By Christian

FitRanX Testing Hillard Athletes- Below is a list of everybody who leveled up and those who earned points. The list includes both our adults and youth programs As a coach it is especially exciting to see our kids level up to the higher levels after attempting that level multiple times. There is no quit in […]

Winter Break Stay In Shape Program

By Coach Yun

Athletic Revolution Will be Putting on a special 4 class event during the last 2 weeks of winter break.   Fun activities, workouts, and games are planned. Don’t let your kids do nothing! Get them moving!   Week 1- Tuesday and Thursday   12/20 and 12/22 6- 11 year olds- 530-615 pm 12+ year olds- […]

Straight from a Champs mouth!

By Coach Yun

We recently has a chance to talk with one of our youth champions, Ava, to see what she had to say about Athletic Revolution in Hilliard! Her proud  mother also joined in to discuss her experience so far. Check it out!

Why Exercise Machines Are Dangerous

By Coach Yun

Written by Brian Grasso There is no real danger in kids performing machine based training under the proper supervision and appropriate guidelines. Many studies done the world over have concluded that strength based training programs done on this kind of fitness equipment is very safe for young children (again under appropriate guidelines). My issue is not […]

Special Offer

By Coach Yun

How Would You Like To Discover The Secrets Of Youth Training That Makes Your Child The Best They Can Possibly Be! It’s Time For A Revolution! How would you like your child to be better in the following areas: *Increased speed and agility *Dominating Strength and Power *Injury Prevention *1-Step Quickness and Explosion *Weight Training […]

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