Youth Athletic Development

Core Strength Training- Hockey & Soccer-Hilliard Sports

By Coach Yun

In the video above Head Coach Jason Yun takes 5 kids in our Exploration class (8-12 year olds) through a core circuit. The front and side bridge or plank or pillar. Our core’s primary function is to stabilize our spine. Unfortunately, many kids this age and even high schoolers and college kids don’t have the […]

FitRanX Testing Hilliard Athletes- 11/16

By Coach Yun

FitRanX Testing Hilliard Athletes- 11/16 On November 26 and 28th we had another successful round of FitRanX level assessments. FitRanX is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system used for gauging individuals’ fitness levels. This is not a system based on how long you have been at a facility or how much your trainer thinks you have […]

Pushup Corrections Athletic Revolution Hilliard

By Christian

Pushup Corrections Athletic Revolution Hilliard Written by Jason Yun As a strength and conditioning for young athletes– ages 8 and up, sometimes as young as 6– I see it all the time: kids can’t do basic exercises anymore. Pushups and squats being the biggest culprits. I myself was a culprit of pushups as well just […]

Dylan Banded Super frog

By Coach Yun

Source: (6) Jason Yun Super Banded Frog Today’s mobilization of the day blog post comes from the help of Dylan Bunyak. Dylan is a baseball player and catcher is his main position. IN this position of squatting for hours on end during games, the hips, ankles will get extremely tight. We put him into the […]

Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training

By Coach Yun

  Jason Yun, owner of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, Conducts a strength circuit with superstar Nick Dymek, Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training \ Above Nick is performing the deadlift. He is relatively new to this exercise and it is one of our foundational lifts as it builds the entire body with strength & power for every sport. Form […]

Hilliard Baseball, Tennis, Football Strength & Power Training

By Coach Yun

In the video above we are working one of our strength/power/mobility circuits. Sorry for the crazy camera work, but a coach has got to coach 1st and foremost and not focus on being the next Stephen Spielberg 🙂 Several athletes from different sports including football, baseball, basketball, and tennis working on several different exercises: Sandbag […]

Hilliard Strength Training: Hip Stability Control For Athletic Movement

By Coach Yun

In the video above, head strength & conditioning coach of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, Jason Yun, takes you through the importance of creating torque when performing a squat movement. This will also apply to any other lower body exercise or movement. Torque is another way to say ‘get tight.’ You may have also heard the term ‘drive […]

Phase 8 Announcements- Hilliard Sports Training Complex

By Coach Yun

  Phase 8 2016 Announcements Phase 8 Announcements- Hilliard Sports Training Complex September 5th, 2016- October 8th, 2016 Welcome to Phase 8!  Week 1: 9.5 -9.10 Week 2: 9.12- 9.17 Week 3: 9.19- 9.24 Week 4: 9.26- 10.1 Transition Week: 10.3- 10.8 (FitRanX Assessment Day is 10.8) See schedule for this week 1-4 below!!!! Please remember that our COMPLETE class […]

Mistakes parents make with young athletes- part 2- Hilliard Sports Complex

By Coach Yun

  By Jason Yun Early Specialization Parents live through their children and wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome to see your child make it the professional ranks of their chosen sport and make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars! That would be awesome! However, early specialization might not make that possible! . Of course, it happens in […]

Coach’s Responsibility to Young Athletes

By Coach Yun

Was listening to the I love marketing podcast with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. At the beginning of the podcast, I think it was Joe, who mentioned he was not a sports fan due to a little league baseball coach who he said was always negative and making him hold the bat a certain way. […]

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