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Athletic Revolution Hilliard- Speed and Agility – YouTube

By Coach Yun

Athletic Revolution Hilliard- Speed and Agility – YouTube. Join us for your free 2-week trial!

Agility drills Hilliard, OH for youth sports & fitness

By Coach Yun

Agility drills Hilliard, OH Youth Sports and Fitness – YouTube.   Youth speed training drills to make the best athletes in Hilliard and Dublin!- Join us for your child or teen’s free 2-week trial!

Hilliard athlete and fitness training- Power Ropes – YouTube

By Coach Yun

via Hilliard athlete and fitness training- Power Ropes – YouTube.     Hilliard athletes and fitness kids train hard using battle ropes. Join us today for your free 2-week trial! Mention the rope video and get 3 weeks free!

Developing a complete athlete

By Coach Yun

What is a complete athlete? Or what does it take to develop one?  Sport-Specific Training  Power Development  Speed/Agility/Quickness (SAQ)  Multiple Joint Movements  Closed Chain Movements  Fitness  Conditioning  Regeneration  Periodization  Warm-up  Invisible Muscles  Nutrition  Sports Specific Training The highest level of this is the practice of sport skill—preparing for what you will do during competition. But […]

Protected: Phase 5 Workouts 2012 Athletic Revolution

By Coach Yun

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Hilliard’s Youth Fitness and Sports Performance Center Looks To Donate $100,000 in gift certificates to local sports leagues

By Coach Yun    Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is proud to announce that they will be donating over $100,000 to local sports leagues in their Player of The Game campaign. The press release link above will take you to a page with more details. But if you know anybody that would be interested in receiving this 1-month gift certificates […]

Athletic Revolution-Hilliard now offering free sport team workshops in Columbus

By Coach Yun   Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is putting free workshops on for sports teams near the Hilliard, Columbus area.   Ages can be any where from 6-18. All different sports and athletes are welcome.   Workshops can include-   speed and agility flexibility nutrition mobility and coordination strength and conditioning resistance band training Combination Any skill you […]

Saint Cecilia Middle School Speed, Strength and Agility Workshop- Columbus, OH

By Coach Yun

Below is a free workshop that we did on 1/20/12 It was for about 24 5th-8th grade boys and girls. The focus was on agility, strength and conditioning. And of course fun! In the hour we covered several different drills while taking the time to explain each of them, and make sure everyone is doing […]

Why Kids Should Play More Than One Sport – Part 2

By Coach Yun

Written by Brian Grasso Here is ‘Part 2′, The obvious key is that specialization will result in a decreased amount of overall athletic ability which will inevitably become a hindrance as young athletes mature. In my experience, the athletes with the most diverse athletic history are often better equipped to learn and develop skills at […]

Why Kids Should Play More Than One Sport – Part 1

By Coach Yun

Written by Brian Grasso Multilateral development is a theory which urges young athletes to participate in several sports over their childhood and adolescent periods prior to specializing in one. The basis is that varied athletic stimulus will serve to broaden the youngsters’ ‘warehouse’ or ‘portfolio’ of general athletic ability and develop a thorough or expansive […]

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