Youth Fitness

Balance Training Hilliard Athletics

By Jennifer Rodriquez

Youth Sports & Fitness Training Columbus, OH Coach Jason Yun did Balancing Training with two young athletes in a Hilliard Middle school. AR clients get stronger in the core and hips and become the best athlete possible. Balance is one of the most important aspects for becoming the best athlete you can be– both on […]

Battle Ropes- Youth Sports & Fitness Training Columbus, OH

By Coach Yun

Battle ropes are brutal. One of the best ways to get athletes, non-athletes, and adults a heart pumping and body pumping training session. Battle ropes aren’t just about arms, you’ll notice one of the kids actually goes to the alternate version of an exercise because he’s using more of his arms. The other athletes are […]

Athletic Revolution Hilliard introduces FitRanX for Kids | PRLog

By Coach Yun

Athletic Revolution Hilliard introduces FitRanX for Kids | PRLog. Check out Athletic Revolution-Hilliard’s Press Release on our new Strength and Conditioning Testing System- FITRANX This is going to set up our athletes and non-athletes for greatness on and off the field. Reaching the top levels in each of the brackets will easily translate to being […]

Hilliard Soccer Goalie Trains Agility & Power

By Coach Yun

Side Shuffles with Resistant Bands- Brian Watkins performs an agility drill with a resistance band wrapped around his knees   Brian was recently selected for the Olympic Soccer Goalie Development Program!   Register for your free 2-week trial with Athletic Revolution-Hilliard!

Heavy Bag Exercises for strength & conditioning- Hilliard, Ohio

By Coach Yun

Up above you can see all 8 strength and conditioning videos from Jason Yun, owner of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard and Improvement Warrior Fitness. These videos are to show you that non-traditional implements can be a great tool to any athlete or fitness enthusiasts routine. Plus with heavy bags they provide quite the challenge due to the […]

Aaron Craft Basketball Camp & Athletic Revolution

By Coach Yun

So you might of heard or not have heard about Ohio State University’s College Basketball star Aaron Craft putting on a Youth Basketball camp in Worthington, OH this July (summer 2014). Basketball camps are always a great place to learn the fundamentals, techniques, and skills to become a better overall basketball player. You can’t go […]

A Mirage of Physical Activity For Hilliard Middle School Kids

By Coach Yun

A Mirage of Health and Fitness So today after training my Improvement Warrior Fitness clients for an earl 515 and 600 am workout, I decided to head over to the one of Hilliard’s Middle Schools for a quick workout. I had set the goal to train sprints and power once a week throughout spring and […]

Best Summer Camps for Kids in Hilliard & Columbus

By Coach Yun

If you are looking for a summer camp in the Columbus area or in a nearby suburb, what exactly are you looking for? What exactly do you want for your kid? Or teenager?  If they are in sports are you looking for a sport specific summer camp? Like soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball, baseball/softball, hockey? Or […]

▶ Hilliard High School Strength Training

By Coach Yun

Down below High School and Middle School students in Hilliard and Dublin train together with Resistance bands to get stronger and FASTER! No strength= slow kids on the field. At Athletic Revolution-Hilliard we build our athletes up to be the best athlete they can be. Not just good at one or two exercises or drills. […]

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