Youth Fitness

Lifting Weights & Basketball- The Story Of Michael Jordan’s Breakfast Club

By Coach Yun

“Good Morning Jason! Coach Tucker doesn’t want them training during in-season because they need to be focused on their plays and it will throw off their shot. They have practice everyday but Sunday. So once season is over in a few weeks he will be back to Athletic Revolution in full swing.” -Basketball Parent   . The […]

Why Some Athletes Are NOT TOUGH?!?! – Hilliard Athletic Training

By Coach Yun

Down below one of my mentors, Zach Even-Esh, and reasons I train the way I train today, and also train my athletes the way I do at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, discusses why some athletes have it and some athletes don’t. And what ‘IT’ is— toughness. In particular mental toughness. Toughness can be developed, but when kids […]

Kids and Sitting- Hilliard Schools

By Coach Yun

Sitting is bad. Kelley Starrett says ‘sitting is death’. And I agree! With kids sitting it’s an issue that will turn bad quick. The majority of kids are going to be going to school from 8-3 or on a similar schedule. With very little activity– the majority of schools don’t even have ‘gym’ anymore. When […]

Athletic Revolution: Clients In Action

By Coach Yun

How Would You Like to be Given A Chance for Your Young Athlete to Become Faster, Stronger, Injury-Free & DOMINATE in Their Sport & Position?! Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is Columbus’ Premier Training Center for Youth Athletic Performance & Fitness Our football players become the strongest and most agile on the field! Our soccer players become the […]

Athlete Summit

By Coach Yun
The Athlete Summit

  Here at The Athlete Summit we’re broadcasting presentations with 17 of the greatest coaches in sports performance who are sharing their programs, exercises, and training methods. We’ve also got 7 motivational athletes, including Steve Young of the 49ers, for the motivation to take everyone’s game and their life to the next level of greatness. The […]

Soccer and Baseball Middle School Hilliard Athlete Training

By Coach Yun

Down below two of our superstar soccer athletes and our baseball star tackle level 2 of the FitRanX testing. This is the conditioning part. Conditioning is a big part of soccer and most soccer programs get it wrong when doing it. Running is not conditioning unless you are a cross country or distance runner in […]

Balance Training Hilliard Athletics

By Coach Yun

Youth Sports & Fitness Training Columbus, OH Coach Jason Yun did Balancing Training with two young athletes in a Hilliard Middle school. AR clients get stronger in the core and hips and become the best athlete possible. Balance is one of the most important aspects for becoming the best athlete you can be– both on […]

Battle Ropes- Youth Sports & Fitness Training Columbus, OH

By Coach Yun

Battle ropes are brutal. One of the best ways to get athletes, non-athletes, and adults a heart pumping and body pumping training session. Battle ropes aren’t just about arms, you’ll notice one of the kids actually goes to the alternate version of an exercise because he’s using more of his arms. The other athletes are […]

Athletic Revolution Hilliard introduces FitRanX for Kids | PRLog

By Coach Yun

Athletic Revolution Hilliard introduces FitRanX for Kids | PRLog. Check out Athletic Revolution-Hilliard’s Press Release on our new Strength and Conditioning Testing System- FITRANX This is going to set up our athletes and non-athletes for greatness on and off the field. Reaching the top levels in each of the brackets will easily translate to being […]

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