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Hilliard Athlete Strength Training Middle and High School

By Christian

Several of our athletes engage in a couple of different strength training circuits from thrusters, to speed rows, to rotational core power-Hilliard. The first strength circuit has a few of our athletes (from football, track & Field, and baseball) working through a set of thrusters with a kettlebell. The other one is working with our […]

True Health Thursday- Calories and Toxins

By Coach Yun

Our next Nutritional Seminar will be covering Calories and Toxins. It will be on Thursday August 24 @ 735 pm at the Athletic Revolution-Hilliard studio: 4601 Leap Ct You Will Experience: Food- Low Carb Healthy Treats & Snacks A Nutritional System that kicks dieting, counting calories, weight fluctuations, toxins, body fat, and inches to the […]

FitRanX Testing Hilliard Athletes-April 2017

By Christian

FitRanX Testing Hilliard Athletes- Below is a list of everybody who leveled up and those who earned points. The list includes both our adults and youth programs Everything doesn’t go your way when you are moving towards a better life. Things will be thrown at you– that’s why success is obtained by a minority of […]

True Health Thursday- Jason Yun Nutrition Seminar

By Coach Yun

On Thursday 2/2/17 Athletic Revolution-Hilliard Head Coach Jason Yun will be hosting a talk on fructose and nutritional cleansing. Fructose is one of the most fattening and unhealthy substances you or your child can consume. He will cover the hidden sources of fructose and why you don’t want to be consuming it. Check out the […]

Dylan Banded Super frog

By Coach Yun

Source: (6) Jason Yun Super Banded Frog Today’s mobilization of the day blog post comes from the help of Dylan Bunyak. Dylan is a baseball player and catcher is his main position. IN this position of squatting for hours on end during games, the hips, ankles will get extremely tight. We put him into the […]

Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training

By Coach Yun

  Jason Yun, owner of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, Conducts a strength circuit with superstar Nick Dymek, Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training \ Above Nick is performing the deadlift. He is relatively new to this exercise and it is one of our foundational lifts as it builds the entire body with strength & power for every sport. Form […]

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