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In the video above Head Coach Jason Yun takes 5 kids in our Exploration class (8-12 year olds) through a core circuit. The front and side bridge or plank or pillar. Our core’s primary function is to stabilize our spine. Unfortunately, many kids this age and even high schoolers and college kids don’t have the strength or coordination to hold these simple movements for more then a few seconds.

Core strength is one of the most important athletic attributes for success in sport. Core strength is more then just abs and doing crunches…….. if you have your child in a training program, or with a personal trainer or coach, doing crunches then please stop having them go and find a professional strength coach or program like Athletic Revolution-Hilliard.

Core strength applies to every single position and sport. In the video we have baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer players. Just standing your abs should be turned on about 20-30% of full tension.

We test our athletes every 5 weeks with our FitRanX performance testing system. To pass level one they are required to hold the front bridge for :90 or :60 depending on their age. Can you do it? Can your child do it?

Training kids is not the same as training adults. What some coaches and personal trainers want to believe and want YOU to believe is that they are mini-adults and can handle just as much if not more then adults can. This is not true. Kids and especially teenagers have stresses that no other age group goes through. Think back and remember when you were a teenager– you were figuring out who you were, attempting to fit in with the right crowd, the stress of pimples, opposite sexes, homework, tests, etc………..  Throw all of that in with the fact that teenagers need the most sleep of any age groups besides newborns.

In that regard following the same program that Lebron James and Ezekiel Elliot follows probably is not the best bet.

Lebron tire flipping Athletic performance columbus, OH

That’s why at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard we have created a program that progresses them up through their ability to maximize their potential and keep them injury-free.

Are you ready to take your child’s core strength and performance to the next level??



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