Family Fitness Fun

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Family Fitness Fun

Life is crazy sometimes. Family schedules clash, daily routines fill up every hour of the day, and there is very little genuine bonding time with the kids during the week. So what is typically the one thing that takes a backseat to the rest of the to-do list? You guessed it: exercise.Paige Johnson of

Instead of throwing your health to the wayside, why not choose family-friendly activities to incorporate throughout the week? Here are a couple of fun and creative ways to exercise with the whole family:


Outdoor Fun:

  • Frisbee: Grab a frisbee and run to the other side of the yard. Throw it back and forth with your kids and keep score for who caught it the most. After 30 minutes, the highest score wins!
  • Flag Football: The whole family can get on board with this one! From referees and coaches to the defensive lineman and the quarterback, there is a spot for everyone! Turn some rags or socks into your make-shift flags and pick a team. You can learn the official rules and make it a weekly family pass-time.
  • Catch: Any kind of small or medium-sized ball can be used as the greatest fitness equipment for the family. Stand at opposite sides of the yard or in a circle, pick teams and throw the ball. Don’t drop it though, or the other team gets a point.
  • Tag: This game is sure to give you sore calves in the morning. Play a game of tag for at least thirty minutes after school three times a week to get in some exercise and a good amount of giggles.
  • Walk the Dog: Walking the dog thirty minutes in the mornings or evenings is not only healthy for the dog, but fun for the kids!
  • Hide-And-Seek: Hiding and running are both great for your stamina and endurance. In the morning, you may also discover new muscles that you didn’t realize you had.



  • Console Games: Many of the game consoles like Xbox and Wii offer fitness games that walk you and the family through a series of exercise activities. You can play games like tennis and bowling from the comfort of your living room.
  • Workout Apps: You can download a variety of exercise apps on your smartphone. Apps like Sworkit will guide you through a fitness routine that you can share with the family. This app even has demonstrations to teach you the movements.
  • Active Games: Believe it or not, there are family games available that require strenuous physical activity. Games like Twister and Dance Dance Revolution are a great go-to for fitting in your exercise and family time simultaneously.
  • Freeze Dance: There is a popular game for kids that is called Freeze Dance. Put on some music and dance your heart away. Suddenly pause the music and whoever is the last to freeze, is out. You can also play a version that requires even more movement when the music stops.
  • Minute to Win It Games: Provided by the game show Minute to Win It, there are several challenging activities that must be completed in one minute or less. Make sure you have some water on hand, because these games can get physically draining at any minute!


You don’t have to limit the time with the kids to Friday movie nights or Saturday morning cartoons. Your family time can be just as energizing as your workout routine and easily fit into your family’s weekly schedule. See what other games you and your kids can plan for your upcoming week and enjoy some family fitness fun!

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