FitRanX Testing Hillard Athletes-

Below is a list of everybody who leveled up and those who earned points. The list includes both our adults and youth programs

As a coach it is especially exciting to see our kids level up. There is no quit in these kids. Congrats! 

hilliard, Ohio youth sports training complex

It’s a matter of time……… matter of time to either
1. Stay the same
2. Get Worse then you are now
3. Become the strongest version of yourself

All 3 are a journey. You choose. Your life does matter and how you show up and affect yourself and those around you will create your life, circumstances and future. ‘Today is not the next day in your life. It’s the next day in an It Does Matter Life.’ ~Ultimate Warrior

Choose greatness over mediocrity.

You are the one holding yourself back and you are the one who can drive yourself forward. Make progress not excuses.

Nobody has a bad day anyway. It’s made up of moments. Bad moments are a part of life. You don’t get over bad moments by being weak. Get strong, be strong, STAY STRONG!

The world needs you to shine today.

Fitness and Strength conditioning expert Hilliard OH Fitranx testing strength & conditioning gym Fitranx testing strength & conditioning gym

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Not doing anything is not an option!


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