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This webpage is going to go over the basics of what you need to know before your son or daughter start their journey with Athletic Revolution-Hilliard. Exactly what we do, what we are, what we are NOT, and how we are going to help you change their athletic career and life!

What is Athletic Revolution-Hilliard ?

AR is the premier Youth Sports & Fitness training franchise in the country. Founded by the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA), who is the premier international authority with respect to Youth Fitness & Youth Sports Performance Training. They provide world-class education and globally recognized certification credentials for any Trainer, Coach, Parent or Medical Professional who works with young athletes and youth fitness participants aged 6 – 18.

We opened our AR facility in September of 2011 to provide the best possible training to help young athletes and non-athletes reach their full potential.  We promise that you won’t find your “typical” athletic training or fitness training at our facility. Athletic Revolution provides your young superstar with an amazing program focusing on building them from the ground up.  We develop complete athletes and human beings, the champions of tomorrow, in our program using a method that your kids are guaranteed to enjoy.

At Athletic Revolution-Hilliard you can expect nothing but the best.  We want all of our kids to reach their full potential, no matter where they start. Whether they are an athlete or just trying to lose weight to regain their self confidence, it doesn’t matter AR is the place to be!


Locations and times

Makes no sense for you to keep reading if you are out of our service range or the times don’t mesh with your schedule. Our locations and times of classes offered:

Weight loss and nutrition coaching for teens

Our yearly schedule we have 10 phases in the year. Each phase goes for 4 weeks on and then one transition week. It is during this transition week that we are doing our FitRanX testing. This is just one of the things that sets us apart from other Youth training programs. You can read more about FitRanX below. All FitRanX tests must be scheduled by the parent(s) and is one of our gauges on how they have improved in terms of performance since the last series of testing.

The only exceptions are our 2 final phases of the year- Phase 9 goes 6 weeks on and then one transition, and phase 10 goes 3.5 weeks on and then 2 transition weeks due to the holidays.

Who is Athletic Revolution-Hilliard For?

We work with kids in two age groups— 8-13 (known as our Exploration class) and 14+ (known as our Transformation class).

Doesn’t matter if they are an athlete playing a sport or several sports, or not playing sports at all; we work with them to develop the ultimate athlete.

We’ve worked with a wide array of sports as well. Just a few are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Track & Field
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Field Hockey
  • BMX Racing
  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling
  • Cross country
  • Rowing

We also work with kids/teens who are looking to get healthy and lose weight. As well as build their confidence; this will happen naturally as they get stronger and more athletic.

With that said….. who is Athletic Revolution for?

  • Beginners up to Advanced trainees for weight and strength training— If they have never trained with weights before, or it’s been a while, or they’ve only done machine training, then AR is a great place to start. Understand we do NO machine training. We work with kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, barbells, equalizers, battle ropes, and your own body weight. There’s a section below on why strength training is the most important element in your an athlete’s career, and why we don’t do machine training. And please understand we consider everybody to be an Athlete that steps through our doors.
  • Athletes who are recovering from injury or want to minimize the risk— Every year almost 3.5 million children require medical treatment for injuries  incurred  while participating in sports. Almost 1/2 of all sports injuries in adolescents stem from overuse  (or improper use) of specific muscles or joints due to athletic training or conditioning. Up to 60% of those injuries can be prevented, however it takes top notch coaches that are educated in proper injury prevention like those of Athletic Revolution Hilliard. Coming back from an injury sucks; you lose valuable playing time and get weaker. Which is why it’s super important to learn and implement the proper training program that focuses on proper execution of every exercise before any additions are added. Those additions could be weight, speed, cutting, starting, stopping, adding different implements, etc…. At AR we will teach you how to do it the right way with your strength training, speed training, agility training, mobility work, and overall movement. And we make sure that what you learn at AR is transferable to the field of play and whatever weight room or gym you may ever enter in the future.
  • Athletes who specialize in one sport– The best overall athletes in the collegiate and professional world are the ones who played multiple sports/activities while growing up until choosing to specialize. Specialization (or focusing on one sport only) too early is one factor that contributes significantly to the rate of injury. Starting one sport only too young results in the same muscles and joints being used along with the same skills that can lead to fatigue on the still growing bodies. If they are going to specialize early it’s vital to get them into a program, like AR, where cross training (all athletic attributes) are going to be utilized.

athletic revolution hilliard- Urban Meyer recruiting

  • Non-Sport Playing Adolescents– There is a youth obesity epidemic happening right now in the U.S and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. If your child is overweight (considered 25 or greater BMI) or obese (30+ BMI) it is vital you start them in a training program NOW! They need to learn the principles of fitness and nutrition that will carry them into adulthood. Don’t hire a one-on-one personal trainer or any other type of program/gym that has them working out by themselves or with machines—-You want results and you want them to stick with it for the rest of their life. They won’t at a gym or with a one-on-one trainer; it’s boring and not fun. We will get them strong and have their confidence soaring, and confidence with an overweight child is the most important thing to getting them to lose the weight and get the health/life they want.
  • Doing the same thing over and over again can get pretty boring– And especially if it is not producing any results. At AR our training is based off of what your young athlete needs (remember, everybody that comes to us is an ATHLETE). In order to get better at any exercise or drill you need to practice, but you need to practice perfectly. Just doing something over and over again without regards to perfect form trains the body and mind to complete the task at whatever costs. We don’t do that. We drill form from day 1– as perfect form as possible based on where the athlete is at that moment in time. The results are the athlete gets more proficient, stronger, and confident. Plus they have more fun doing it.
  • ChallengeEverybody needs a challenge. But not everybody wants one; we don’t want those people. We have built in short-term goals that your youngster will be striving for (see FitRanX & Improvement Boards below). Reaching these benchmarks will require them to get stronger and better conditioned (stamina/endurance); which will result in the best overall performance, better body and overall health.
  • In need of nutrition support— Everybody gets our Athletic Revolution Nutrition Blueprint. If that’s not enough, you can schedule a success session with owner, Jason Yun.
  • Self-Development—- Kids/Teens looking to better themselves everyday. Our tagline is: ‘Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior’. Fitness and nutrition translates into every aspect of your son/daughter’s life. It’s the starting point in our opinion. And it will make or break or sporting career.
  • Movement Restrictions—- These happen over time and will either result in injury or severe movement restriction— UNLESS you do something about it. AR will provide certain movement/mobility/regeneration drills your child will do before, during, after class and can even do at home or school. If you can’t move correctly you can’t perform correctly. THIS is the most important aspect of training but most gyms, studios, coaches, sports teams and people who work out don’t do enough or completely ignore it.

Athletic Revolution System of Strength

Like I mentioned before strength is the most important aspect of an athlete. Usually the stronger the athlete the better the athlete, however there does come a point when an athlete can get too strong. There is a saying from Olympic Coach Scott Sommer ‘the best athlete on the field is never the strongest in the weight room, and the strongest athlete in the weight room is never the best athlete.’

So we need to find the perfect balance of strength that will help them excel at their position/sport.

We also want to make clear, especially for the female clients that come to AR that when we do get you stronger, body fat is going to drop, lean muscle is going to increase… weight may or may not increase.

100% of our clients at AR want to drop body fat. Some want to lose weight. We recommend you get out of the mindset of weight loss and instead focus on fat loss. Some sports are weight class specific and we would discuss your situation with you personally as everybody is different.

hilliard athlete training for females who want to lose body fat

Above- Athlete who has dropped body fat and added lean muscle tissue. Performance Rise!

Fat loss is the #1 indicator you are making progress. Weight loss could be due to a number of things– losing water, losing muscle, stress, poor sleep, lack of calories, lack of nutrition. With fat loss you are basically forced to do things the right way– taking NO SHORTCUTS, not hitting an easy button– because you won’t see any progress.

Our Strength System at Athletic Revolution is to get you as strong as possible to maximize athletic performance.



Athletic Revolution System of Speed & Agility

Most parents and athletes want to work on their speed and agility. Obviously this will depend on sport and position.

Naturally as strength increases your child’s speed will also go up.

Agility is the ability to change directions quickly. We also like to add ‘with the body under full control’. The ability to STOP (decelerate) will increase as strength increases, and the ability to change direction and go again (acceleration) will increase as strength increases.

Some athletes need more speed and agility training, some less. It all depends on sport and position. Your child’s program will be determined after the first couple of weeks that we work with them. That way we can see where they are weakest at.

Understand, however, if your child is weak then they are slow. Performing speed and agility drills on a weak athlete will keep them slow.

Athletic Revolution System of Mobility

Even if your young athlete is considered the best on their team, we don’t care…… Our job as coaches at AR is to find their weak points and bring those up. We also find their strong points and maintain those or bring them up while working on the weak points. We want the best overall athlete possible. 



‘To do anything well you must have the humility to bumble around a bit, to follow your nose, to get lost, to goof. Have the courage to try an undertaking and possibly to it poorly. Unremarkable lives are marked by the fear of not looking capable when trying something new. New experiences are meant to deepen our lives and advance us to new levels of competence.’

Our goal is to start you working out in the most correct fashion possible (meaning perfect form— see Red Light System below). And then to keep progressing throughout your athletic career and eventually into adulthood.  We want your child working out for the rest of their life, because the benefits go way beyond feeling good and looking better. And you CANNOT continue to workout if you push your self too hard when your body is NOT ready, or you perform exercises incorrectly.

This is where our Mobility system takes effect.

This is the most important aspect. Even more then strength. Because if you can’t move correctly or you don’t have the range of motion then you can’t fully develop the attributes and demonstrate dominating strength.

A lot of kids naturally lack mobility due to the lifestyles that we lead these days. Sitting at desks for 8 hours a day, playing video games, texting, facebook, slouching, improper exercise routines or form, etc………..

It needs fixed.

Our mobility system comes from things we have learned over the years in regards to self myofascial release (basically self massage with either a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or softball), Dr. Kelley Starrett and his book Becoming the Supple Leopard (BASL), and Smart Group Training.

There are 7 basic movements that every athlete should be able to do (this includes you too parents/guardians–regardless of age). The ones your athlete focuses on will be determined after working with your child for a couple of weeks. But from day 1 they will be doing some mobilizations in order to perform their absolute best.


This is where it matters. If your workouts are not intense enough you will not get results. Period!

If you do the same weight over and over and over again for the same exercises you will not get results. You have to constantly be striving to do more– either more weight, more reps, more rounds, longer distance, etc……

If you don’t, you might as well stop. Because there comes a point when you say to yourself ‘I’ve been doing this for ____ months or ____ years, and I look and feel exactly the same.’ Frustration sets in and then you do quit. Don’t bother wasting the time. Just quit now. Or increase the intensity.

Here’s a video that I made on intensity.


Be sure to read the FitRanX Strength & Conditioning system below on how we automatically incorporate progressive & systematic intensity into your program.


Your fitness pyramid is broken…… Let AR Fix it!

Mobility is #1 followed by Strength Training #2. Everything else falls into place based on your athlete’s goals.

Ditch the cardio! We did! We don’t do any ‘cardio’ at AR. Read ‘running is not conditioning‘ on the blog especially if your child is doing running to warmup or for conditioning.

If you are in a sport that is not an  endurance type  then it is a waste of time, hard on your joints, shrinks your muscles (and metabolism), and takes a huge time investment to get any results. By the way, all sports listed on the right side of this page ARE NOT endurance sports. 


FitRanX is the Fitness ranking system we mentioned above. You can read all about it here. But basically it provides each of our AR Champion’s a physical training goal to shoot for each and every phase. There are a total of 8 levels to achieve.

3 age brackets, and 2 gender brackets. Age brackets are 7-10, 11-15, and 16-35. Making it the ultimate strength & fitness testing tool to find out exactly where you stand. Parents older then 35 who are interested in testing their own merit with FitRanX can check out our adult version here. 

How to best think about this system: Martial Arts have white to black belt. This is a ‘belt system’ for progressing you through strength and fitness (remember strength is the most important aspect of your training program, actually behind mobility, because if you can’t move you can’t get stronger.)

fit ranx yun fitness boot camp improvement warrior

Athletic Revolution FitranX fitness testing for kids

Fitranx for kids. Strength and conditioning testing in Hilliard

Alexis, Myra and Caitlin all level up!


Improvement Boards

Started in August of 2015, this is another tracking system that we use to make sure your young athlete is progressing towards their goals.

When they arrive for their first training with AR, we will give them the Improvement Board packet. In this packet will be a goal sheet where we want your son or daughter to fill it out with their #1 goal. We recommend printing off multiple of these, as we also want to know their goals in other areas of their life as well (nutrition, health, school, life, etc….) and we also want to know your goals for them.

The other things in the packet will be the introductory briefing about the Improvement Boards, and the Improvement Boards (IB)

The IB consists of the 3 total boards: Strength, Conditioning, and MWOD (Mobility). Our training will revolve around the Improvement Boards as well as the FitRanX testing exercises.

Most of the Mobility IB is pass/fail. The strength and conditioning IB consists of 17 different levels; your child cannot remain the same person they are now and expect to pass level 17. Self-improvement, strength, stamina, mobility, body composition, confidence, and a whole lot of other things MUST improve first!

Red Light System

The Red Light System is our way of keeping your child safe and injury free.

If one of the coaches of AR see’s your form off in any way, we are going to correct it. If we can’t we are going to give you an alternate exercise, usually a regression of that exercise. And if that doesn’t work, we keep regressing the exercise or level of difficulty until you are able to perform it perfectly. Then you build back up from there until you are able to perform the original exercise.


You have the opportunity to register to start your program with us with several different Trial Options. But whichever one you choose, you basically become a Trial Client of Athletic Revolution Hilliard the moment you hit ‘Submit’.

The different trial options you have are listed below with a brief description:

All trials below come with our AR Champion Nutrition Blueprint, and 25 Rules of Fat Loss .Mp3.

Complimentary 2-Week Trial: This is our most basic trial. There is no cost. You are allowed to workout up to 6 times in the 2-weeks. You can click here to register for this trial.

Complimentary 2-Week Trial for overweight/obese kids/teens: This trial we recommend signing up for if your child is not playing a sport and has some weight to lose. You can read all about this training and register here. 

Daily Deal/Gift Certificate: We occasionally we offer deals through sites like Groupon and Living Social that you may purchase through them and then register on our website. We also will donate to a lot of events and charity fundraisers as well. If you purchased or received a gift certificate you may register for your trial here.

AR Extended 1-month trial: This is the 2-week complimentary trial extended out for 4-weeks or 1-month for just $20. To purchase this click here.

If you are a parent looking for training we recommend checking out our adult site: Improvement Warrior Fitness & Yoga 


Your Trial

Your trial is your first time at AR, or returning after a year or more. This trial is to gauge whether or not Athletic Revolution Hilliard is the right place for you.

You will know within the first week if it is the place for you, and usually you will know within the first day you are with us.

After your first day, we will give you a  welcome packet which explains all of our membership programs and it will also be emailed to you.

We expect you to become an AR Champion with us, but if it is not the place for you we expect you to tell us that as soon as possible as well.

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