Groupon Redemption

Thanks for purchasing our Athletic Revolution Groupon. With quite a few purchases we want to make sure your child’s and your experience is a pleasant one.

You will need to bring to class or email the  Groupon you purchased. You can email it to

In order to start your 1-month of Athletic Revolution for your child you must follow the steps laid out below.

Our AR schedule is at the bottom of this page.

1. You want to go to

and fill out the 2-week trial form on this page. Enter ‘Groupon’ in the ‘Where did you hear about us’ section. You cannot combine the 2-week trial with your Groupon.

All Groupons must start by Week 3 of any Phase. Please see the calendar

2. In the ‘WHERE DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US’ Section type in  ‘Groupon’.

3. In the box please indicate your start date

4. You must be able to bring your child in 15 minutes before the regularly scheduled class their first day for our Athletic Movement Assessment. If you cannot do this we are available most Saturdays @ 12:00 pm and on Wednesday nights @ 8:15 PM to do this for you.

5. You have one year to activate your Groupon. The yearly schedule is here:

6. After filling out the 2-week trial form (you will get one month with your deal) you will get 2 confirmation emails and be taken to a special page. Follow the directions on this page and in the emails you receive.

7. If you have another child coming (purchased 2 Daily Deals or groupons) make sure you  fill out the form with their info also.

8. If you still have questions please visit

9. If you still have questions after that please call Jason Yun @ 614-304-1426 or email

10. Please do not just show up without registering. You will not be allowed to participate in class that day.

11. Our schedule and location


Yun Fitness Bootcamps/Athletic Revolution
4601 Leap Ct.
Hilliard, OH 43026


Exploration Class (Ages 8-13)

Tuesday- 7:30- 8:15 pm

Wednesday- 6:30- 7:15 pm

Transformation Class (Ages 14+)

Monday- 7:30-8:15 PM

Wednesday- 7:30- 8:15 PM


Exploraion Class (Ages 10-13)- 10:15- 10:45 AM

Transformation Class (Ages 14+)- 11:00- 11:45 AM

 We will see you in class! Welcome to the path of becoming a CHAMPION!

Yun Strength and Fitness Systems LLC
Athletic Revolution Hilliard


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