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For many young girls in school, gymnastics is one of the sports taught during physical education sessions. To many, gymnastics is the perfect sport to stay physically fit and healthy, as well as exercise mental concentration. Athletic Revolution offers young girls, ages 8-13 and 14-22, the chance to engage in gymnastics with world class trainers, thus enabling them to take up the sport professionally.

Gymnastics is one of the most physically intensive sports in the word. It is very challenging to both the body and mind. Olympic gymnasts like the US Women’s team make it look easy when they bag gold, but that is as a result of hard work, determination, and great coaching. Also, the fact that the majority of the world class gymnasts are young women makes it easier for them to learn the various techniques the sport involves. As a young girl, your body is in prime age to twist and turn in ways that will not be possible in years to come. At such an age, you are best positioned to become successful at gymnastics with the right training.

Gymnastics has five different components to it, all of which the trainers at Athletic Revolution will ensure you grow at. The five are: cardiovascular strength, muscular growth, endurance and conditioning, flexibility and range of motion, and body composition. Each of these aspects is very important to your success as a gymnast, and each has to be addressed with specific training regimens. With practice and time, you get to learn more about your abilities, and the trainers on hand help you take advantage of your strengths.

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 Every day, you will be pushed to hold various poses for longer periods of time, as well as warm up the body fully. Before any kind of gymnastic routine, warming up and stretching is essential, as it improves your body’s ability to perform.

Of course, with all the stretching and warming up, you get to work on your overall fitness. Gymnasts are some of the fittest athletes in the world, and they owe their fitness levels to the hard work they put in every day. You get to lose weight with a comprehensive gymnastics training program, and by doing so, build muscle strength and endurance. You have to be strong to swing through the uneven bars, distributing your weight and staying up in the air for minutes on end. It might not seem like it at first, but your body will thank you for it later.

As a young gymnast, a lot of people might wonder why you chose gymnastics over other sports. While it is a fairly easy question, it is not one you can answer simply. Why? Because gymnastics is a sport that has a glorious history, and it requires the highest levels of discipline to succeed at. To become successful at gymnastics, you have to commit to a strength and conditioning program like Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, outside of your skill practices.

You will appreciate the level of commitment that the trainers at Athletic Revolution will put to your improvement. All through the training, you will learn more about your body; what you can do, and where you can improve. At the end of it all, you will be in a position to take up high school or collegiate or even professional gymnastics, and even become the next Jordyn Wieber.

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