Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training


Jason Yun, owner of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, Conducts a strength circuit with superstar Nick Dymek, Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training

Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training- Back training Nick Dymek

Above Nick is performing our suspension training row. This is excellent for back development, grip strength, and coordination among the whole body. Usually we have our athletes and general kids start at a 45 degree angle. Nick is a little more advanced. There is only one more progression and that is with his feet on the wall. Always progressing here at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard.


Hilliard Davidson Basketball Strength Training- Nick Dymek

Above Nick is performing the deadlift. He is relatively new to this exercise and it is one of our foundational lifts as it builds the entire body with strength & power for every sport. Form is a little off, as he is not as tight with his hips and knees as we would like, however the form from his 1st ever rep is remarkably improved. Injury prevention is our highest concern followed by strength & performance increase. A lot of basketball players are really tall and coordination is a big issue especially once going through that last growth spurt, the deadlift can really bring everything back together quickly in terms of strength, coordination, power, jumping ability, deceleration, and more.

The other exercise in the video is a band overhead press. The band is one of our favorite tools for young athletes in the Hilliard & Dublin area as it makes them extremely reactive! No other tool provides the hardest part of a rep towards the top rather then at the bottom like most traditional weights. This requires a lot more core strength & coordination of the entire body.



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