The 47-Day Ketogenic Challenge starts on 1/17/16

The video below explains a quick synopsis of what Keto is and how it can be beneficial for your child or children, and also your entire family.

Like I mention in the video the Keto lifestyle and the Ketogenic Diet challenge is not something you can just jump into. We recommend reading the information page and registering for the webinar which will go into all the details about the challenge.

read more about the 47-Day ketogenic challenge (new website will open)

Hilliard youth weight loss challenge

If you have additional questions please contact me. There is a FAQ section on the challenge page here Or contact page


What you get with the 47-Day Keto Challenge:

  1. Intro In-Depth Keto Webinar
  2. 2nd edition 47-Day Keto Challenge Blueprint with 94 pages of power-packed information and also includes 4 types of ketogenic ‘styles’- 1. Basic 2. Re-Feed 3. Intermittent Fasting 4. Vegetarian
  3. Access to the 47-Keto Group-Facebook accountability group (Private)
  4. Done-For-You Keto Recipes
  5. Eat This Not That (Keto Style)
  6. Keto Cheat Sheet
  7. Dining Out Cheat Sheet
  8. Grocery Store Lists


Keto testimonial from 2 of our adult Keto participants

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