Improvement Warrior Optimal Health Journal Entry- #18

The following is a journal that I am keeping to track my progress as I attempt to make myself the best version of me. My intent of also blogging it is to show people that being the ultimate healthy version of you does not just mean changing your nutrition and working out.

There is a lot of other things that go into it. I am not like most other Coaches and Personal Trainers, or nutritionists, or health practitioners out there. I first consider myself a biohacker.

Definition of a bio-hacking: Do-it-yourself biology, biotechnological social movement in which individuals and small organizations study biology using the same methods as traditional research institutions.

I recently implemented something in late September that took my health and energy to a whole new level. I used to think I was a 10 in health most days before I started this, now I realize I was probably only around 7-7.5.

I will be alternating this blog journal on my other blogs. I will post the links below once I have them all.

Improvement Warrior Blog

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Entry #18 Sunday 11.25.18 and Monday 11.26.18


Major fog this morning, but could still see the sun so no clouds. How much rays I got this morning unknown. But clouds came back in full force mid-morning. Weather report over the next 10-days has 1 or 2 non-full cloudy days, so we will see. Actually clouds and fgo went away around 1000 and stayed through my cold tub.

Today was first day I could actually smell my essential oils, so almost done with this cold. I diffuse them pretty much all day and night, drink them, and rub them on certain areas.


Last remnants of cold still hanging around (nose, not so runny, just lots of snot TMI). Feel great though. Coldest day in a while here, got down to 30 degrees, made drive to gym with both windows 1/2 way down.


Sunrise: 15:28- was blocked by major cloud.
Got in another 6 sessions including cold tub, sun in plain view.
Monday- There was no sun at all. Rain turned to snow about early evening.
Sunday: 6 sessions 1 hr 21 minutes.
Monday:5 sessions for 55 minutes, including last two with feet in snow. First one 10-15 minutes was getting super hard. Second one was super easy.
Cold Tub:
Sunday: 20:28
Cold tub was all in the sun, felt amazing. Got out and immediately grounded while warming back up. And then did some racking of leaves in my kinicki and just slippers 🙂
Monday: 20:47
Contract shower:
Sunday : 1:40 just cold no contrast
Monday: 2:25 in cold.
Sunday off
1. Back Squat 3 x 4 x 265 80%
2. Good mornings 3 x 5 x 165, 175, 185
Kettlebell 5:00 Snatch Test 20 kg- 100 reps
Sunday: 4046
Monday: 15380
Sunday: 3350 calories | 135 p| 98 c (56 net) | 247 F
Meal 1: Smoothie and keto bread
Meal 2: Sardine and Salmon cado mayo salad
Meal 3: Crustless QUiche, keto bread
Monday: 2593 Calories |111 P | 57 C (31 net) | 204 F
Meal 1: keto bread
Meal 2: sardine cado mayo salad, ocean perch, quiche, salmon salad, keto bread.
10:00 meditation Sunday
Finished Cold Thermogenesis 4, started #5
Epi-Paleo Rx
Biophysics of Fluoride 2x
Gray Cook Compendium
Vitamin D 15000 IU
Mag 800 mg
Vitamin c 3000
Salmon oil 2
Multi- x 2
Sunday 1030-634: 8:04
Monday: 1010-420: 6:10
blue blockers:
All day

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