Improvement Warrior Optimal Journal- Entry #9


The following is a journal that I am keeping to track my progress as I attempt to make myself the best version of me. My intent of also blogging it is to show people that being the ultimate healthy version of you does not just mean changing your nutrition and working out.

There is a lot of other things that go into it. I am not like most other Coaches and Personal Trainers, or nutritionists, or health practitioners out there. I first consider myself a biohacker.

Definition of a bio-hacking: Do-it-yourself biology, biotechnological social movement in which individuals and small organizations study biology using the same methods as traditional research institutions.

I recently implemented something in late September that took my health and energy to a whole new level. I used to think I was a 10 in health most days before I started this, now I realize I was probably only around 7-7.5.

I will be alternating this blog journal on my other blogs. I will post the links below once I have them all.

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Entry #9 11.11.18

Cold adaption coming along nicely. This early morning was super easy. Love the crazy looks 😉
Got 4 Lohas sleep-aid lights and 2 more amber bulbs. The lohas lights are a lot smaller then thought and they actually work as fridge lights, so was big surprise have been looking for light to switch out there. Added 2 of the amber bulbs to my basement gym. The other day my wife came down and asked ‘are you seriously working out in the dark………you need psychiatric help :)’
#1- 18:26 746 am no clouds!
#2. Cleaned garage so we could move both our cars in it. T-shirt and pants rolled up. Was about 20-30 minutes in sun.
#3- Cold tub 1200 pm
#4- 5:00 reading session- 227 pm
#5- 5:00 reading session- 311 pm

4 sessions for 31 minutes
Cold Tub:
24:59. New record! Water was 39 degrees. Daughter had a great time picking up the ice sheets in the water and punching them 🙂
Hilliard, ohio fitness and nutrition trainer
After cold tub was not planning on doing shower today but was shivering non-stop for 15:00 to the point where hips started cramping and hurting. So gave in.
Contrast shower: 
3:17 in the cold water.
152 oz water
2978 calories, 150 P, 61 C (43 net), 238 fat
Meal 1: bone broth and smoothie
Meal 2: salmon with EVOO and cado mayo
Meal 3: salmon, cod, shrimp, calamari salad. Pumpkin seeds. Bulletproof adaptogen drink and bone broth
Child’s pose: low back really tight.
Couch stretch 2:00 each leg
Psoas Smash with softball
John Ott Health and Light
Gray Cook Lecture Compendium
Vitamin D: Sun 230 | Supplement with K 8000 IU’s
Magnesium 800 mg
Vitamin C 1000 mg
Cod liver oil: 4 g
945-645 hr. 9 hours

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