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Our Experience Guarantees Your Success…

Founded by some of the most well-known and highly acclaimed Youth Fitness Specialists in the world, Athletic Revolution has the distinct advantage of being the international ‘name brand’ when it comes to sports performance and fitness training for participants ages 8 – 18.

Our training system has been successfully field-tested on more than 20,000 young athletes and youth fitness participants throughout the world and is regarded as the most complete and comprehensive program available.


“Your training program balances the proper combination of operating mechanics, physical development and physiological knowledge to empower young athletes to reach beyond their self-imposed limits and maximize their athletic performance”Mike Rudnicki
Father of 2 Young Athletes

sports and fitness training in hilliard, oh

Below Brian Watkins (11 Years) trains hard for his agility & power with side shuffles with added resistance

Brian Watkins Soccer Olympic Goalie Hilliard

The Difference You’ve Been Looking For…

The Athletic Revolution messages to Parents and Coaches is simple –

Children and Teenagers are not little adults; that statement’s basic message should be obvious.

We wouldn’t expect your ten year old daughter to find a full time job and we won’t be surprised if making the mortgage payment on time isn’t the first concern your fifteen year old has when he wakes up in the morning.

Why then in the sporting and fitness world do we expect young athletes and kids to train, compete, think and react like adults?

Too often, young athletes and kids are exposed to training programs that are often well beyond their structural and neurological abilities and taught to emulate elite sporting stars in their mental approach to the game. Is this the way to produce world-class athletes, or are there different concepts that we need to learn, understand and implement?

At Athletic Revolution we know the difference and have blazed a global trail that ensures the success of your child in every aspect of sport and fitness.

In order for an athlete to get better at a sport or event or competition you need to train for that sport.  The days of athlete’s taking the off-season off and hoping a short training camp will get them back in shape are over. Likely they will perform the same as before, but more likely their performance will be worse! You can’t play yourself back into shape! Athletics are highly competitive; to get better than you’re competition you need an edge. That’s where Athletic Revolution-Hilliard comes in.

“Throughout my athletic experience, I have had the opportunity to be trained by a number of coaches and specialists. This approach was by far the most productive in developing my strength and overall athletic ability. I can personally say that I have never been as healthy nor as strong… The training has helped me become a starting Division One athlete as a true freshman and the system is unparallel to any training I have ever been exposed to”Drew Janes
Former Brown University Linebacker

Our International Mission:

Dedicated to the quest of enriching young lives through fitness and sport performance training via innovation and application of physical, character and leadership qualities that are delivered by the most well-educated and internationally connected Coaches in the world.

Athletic Revolution and its Coaches can guarantee that our progressive system of training will enhance your child’s or team’s sport performance, general fitness and well-being, as well as provide them with an intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive environment that will sow the seeds for a lifetime of sporting excellence and health.

“This system is absolutely essential. My daughter became more agile, more speed oriented and stronger” George Zartsky
Father of Division 1 College Athlete

Athletic Revolution Programs & Philosophy:

The Most Sought After Training System In The World…

With Athletic Revolution, you are embarking an internationally field-tested and success-proven system of training for participants ages 8 – 18.

The Athletic Revolution ‘Developmental Training Model’ has been successfully tested all over the world and is based on the following structure –

Exploration (Ages 8 – 13) – Transitioning To Champion The Athletic Revolution Developmental Model ‘Exploration’ is based on young participants establishing ‘athletic intelligence’ through a carefully planned programming structure that allows them to learn and comprehend both simple and complex motor skills via explorative play.

Unlike younger kids however, ‘Exploration’ also includes an educational portion within which Athletic Revolution Coaches breakdown and instruct participants on specific aspects of exercise execution.

This transitional phase allows young participants to bridge the gap from a play model of fitness to a more programmatic structured version.

Transformation (Ages 14+) – Becoming A Champion The ‘Transformation’ phase is where more concerted training application takes place. Whether the goal is sporting excellence, fitness, wellness or obesity prevention, this portion of the Athletic Revolution Developmental Model is based on solid execution and fundamental training habits so that each participant can maximize their respective goals.

Primary goals for all athletes and non-athletes that come into AR is injury prevention. Secondary is to improve the athletes overall performance. Both of these will lead to success both on and off the field. Both will lead to an athlete’s increase in playing time. Most athlete’s will say ‘but my main concern is getting better, why is injury prevention the #1 goal?‘ You can’t get better if you’re always in the training room. Poorly designed routines or poorly educated strength coaches or trainers can ruin the development of an athlete. A successful program will develop a complete athlete!

And that’s what the coaches at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard do.

hilliard, oh athletic training for athletes and fitness

“Training with Athletic Revolution has been one of the best decisions that I have made for my athletic career so far. There knowledge of strength training as well as the energy and passion they bring have propelled me to achieve many of my athletic goals. My confidence in the training techniques couldn’t be any higher, and I urge any athlete that wants to get ahead of the competition to strongly consider training with Athletic Revolution”Andrew HenkeFormer Tufts University Linebacker


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