Coach’s Responsibility to Young Athletes

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Was listening to the I love marketing podcast with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson.

At the beginning of the podcast, I think it was Joe, who mentioned he was not a sports fan due to a little league baseball coach who he said was always negative and making him hold the bat a certain way. But he couldn’t hit the ball that way.

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The experience tormented him and he was unable to get into sports ever again.

As a player and as a fan.

Coaches have to know that they have a major impact on kids lives. It can be negative or positive. Kids look up to coaches. They look up to parents. And they look up to teachers.

Athletic Revolution Hilliard

This is just one example but this type of thing happens all the time. Sometimes it can ruin a child for life.

A great coach will adapt to each player. Because each player has their own style, personality and what motivates them. Yelling may motivate some youth athletes, but for a lot it will be a turn off.

A bad coach will try and put everybody into the same box because he read and saw or watched the latest YouTube video on ‘how to coach baseball players in middle and high school’. Or softball or whatever the sport.

It is a coach’s responsibility to bring out the best in each athlete. Otherwise get out of coaching. You never know how far that athlete will go. And you never know the negative impact you can have because you are crappy coach.

This goes to parents and teachers as well.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’ is a bunch of BS.

Athletic Revolution Hilliard

WORDS HAVE POWER TO MOTIVATE, inspire and change a person! But they also have the power to destroy a life.

Be the change you want to see in your youth athletes. In your kids. In your students.

If you want to check out the podcast click here.


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