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FitRanX Conditioning Testing Builds Mental Toughness

Down below two of our superstar soccer athletes and our baseball star tackle level 2 of the FitRanX testing. This is the conditioning part.

Conditioning is a big part of soccer and most soccer programs get it wrong when doing it. Running is not conditioning unless you are a cross country or distance runner in track. Soccer is an anaerobic sport, meaning there is a lot of stopping and starting— so the ability to change direction (agility) and deceleration (stopping) and acceleration play a huge part in their training.

Very rarely will they ever run more then 100 yards in a strait line, so why then train them through miles and miles of muscle wasting and joint pounded running?

This conditioning circuit helps with their stamina, leg strength, upper body strength, and coordination.

Baseball doesn’t rely as much on conditioning, but is a great way to build mental strength. Baseball in many ways is more of mental sport as well as super power. The mindset of the player can make or break their sporting excellence. Working out and strength training and especially conditioning work as seen here at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard will build some serious mental toughness. Doesn’t matter what sport.

All 3 athletes below attend middle school in Hilliard and will soon be joining the high school ranks of Darby, Davidson, and Bradley.

To set your child up with a two week trial please join us and register here. We work with all sports and non-sport playing kids in the ages of 8-13 and 14+. Click here for our schedule. Click here to register for your two-week trial. 

Drop-ins welcome to check out a class. Address is 4601 Leap Ct, Hilliard, OH 43026. 614-304-1426

If your athlete isn’t strength training then their chances of injury go way up and their chances of success in their sport go way down. Greatness is NOW and it is at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard!

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