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In the video above we are working one of our strength/power/mobility circuits. Sorry for the crazy camera work, but a coach has got to coach 1st and foremost and not focus on being the next Stephen Spielberg πŸ™‚

Several athletes from different sports including football, baseball, basketball, and tennis working on several different exercises:

  1. Sandbag Cleans
  2. Suspension Trainer Chest Press
  3. Walk throughs for hip mobility
  4. Reverse Hyper Extension on swiss balls.

The sandbag cleans help to build tremendous power, power endurance, and coordination. It’s impossible to lift a medium weight on this exercise without using the full body–especially the hips, butt, and arms for the catch. A lot of programs will have athletes performing power cleans with a bar, however most 12-15 years olds simply don’t have the coordination yet to execute that type of complex lift. It takes years to be able to do that, and our number one concern for all athletes is olympic lifting and strength training dublin, ohinjury prevention.


The Chest press on a suspension trainer allows for greater variance in weight. The athlete basically gets to choose how ‘heavy’ they want to make the exercise based on how much lean they put into it. This is one of our regression for the pushup. At Athletic Revolution we have never had someone come into our program who could perform a perfect pushup— not once since we opened in 2011. Will your kid be the first????

The walk-throughs works on hip, ankle, knee, and back flexibility and mobility. Vital for any athlete. If you have never been into a position before and you get forced into it via a game or practice then the likelihood of injury will skyrocket. Again injury prevention then performance increase. Because if your child gets injured then progress halts and usually slides down. We don’t want that. Strength and performance is built one rep at a time, one sprint at a time, one mobility drill at a time. You can’t become Michael Jordan over night or in 6 weeks.

Reverse hypers on the swiss ball. A lot of programs focus on the abs and making them burn. The best athletes are the ones with the best posterior chain: low back, butt, hamstrings. All part of the core. The abs are important, howeverΒ do too much front side training will increase muscle imbalances which could cause injury and definitely will cause performance degradation.

Athletic Revolution Mobility & Injury Prevention

In the picture above Bo Jackson exhibits some awesome hip, ankle, and knee mobility as he escapes a tackle and cleans house in the Japan Bowl

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