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jackson gunn training the deadlift at hilliard sports club

Several of our athletes engage in a couple of different strength training circuits from thrusters, to speed rows, to rotational core power-Hilliard.

The first strength circuit has a few of our athletes (from football, track & Field, and baseball) working through a set of thrusters with a kettlebell.

The other one is working with our sprint athletes and speed rows with the bands. A lot of coaches think that sprinting is all in legs and core, the overall stronger we can make an athlete in the whole body the faster they will be in their event. The arms are the gas pedal. Take a look at any sprint athlete or short-distance athlete and you will see a complete physique.

The last video is our basketball and football player, Caden, going through a rotational band exercise for the hips and core. Rotation is missing in a lot of athletes programs in relation to strength and conditioning. The bands add an extra dimension to everything because they actually get harder as the range of motion increases, which is usually the opposite with traditional strength exercises like squats, deadlifts, pushups, pullups, etc…..

If your athlete is weak they are slow. They can’t jump. Their coordination and balance is off. Please read our blog post on creating the COMPLETE ATHLETE here.

strength & conditioning training with strength coach jason yun

Was Bo Jackson a complete athlete, or one dimensional?

One dimensional training makes a one dimensional athlete. They can excel against mediocre competition, but as soon the competition or level picks up they are going to get beat. Strength training compilation. If your athlete is weak they are going to get beat. Don’t let that happen! Rise Up! Get Strong! Get Fast! Become the ultimate athlete!

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