Dylan Banded Super frog

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Super Banded Frog

Dylan mobilizing Banded Frog

Today’s mobilization of the day blog post comes from the help of Dylan Bunyak.

Dylan is a baseball player and catcher is his main position. IN this position of squatting for hours on end during games, the hips, ankles will get extremely tight.

We put him into the super banded frog mobilization. A band is attached right where the butt crease and hip joint is. The band is pulling is hip back into proper alignment and the weight is helping to keep his knee in proper position to get the most out of the stretch/mobilization.

With life and especially with kids the hips will get super tight (adults as well) with all the sitting in school, lunch, dinner, video games, car rides, etc…… Sitting is the new smoking. Click here to read our Sitting article for kids. Click here to read our adult sitting article. 

Our number one concern with our youth strength & conditioning program is injury prevention, followed by performance increase. A lot of parents want bigger, stronger, faster. However, if your kid gets injured then that is simply impossible. Strength & conditioning for any athlete, any sport, and any position is a long-term commitment. A weak athlete is a slow athlete and a more injury prone athlete. It’s important to be strength training year round, otherwise your athlete will simply be the weakest and most injury prone when they need to be their best– towards the end of the season or in the playoffs.

Don’t take a chance with letting your son or daughter get beat by the rest. RISE UP! Become an Athletic Revolution-Hilliard champion! Become the complete athlete!

The super banded frog mobilization is just one in an arsenal of 100’s of mobilizations that we use.

4 of our middle school athletes performing a low back mobilization.

4 of our middle school athletes performing a low back mobilization.


3 of our young athletes performing one of our more common mobilizations– the couch stretch

The super banded frog is one that requires professional supervision so please do not attempt this one at home unless you know exactly what you are doing.


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