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Swimming is globally recognized as one of the most fascinating and benefiting sports. If you have ever watched the summer Olympics, you have surely noticed the crowds that gather to watch Michael Phelps and other world class swimmers glide through the water in record breaking times. As a young kid, you wish may be to swim like that, or even better, but have no idea how to start or where to get the right kind of coaching. Luckily for you, Athletic Revolution’s world class swimming program for boys and girls ages 8-13 and 14-22 is the right fit for you.

So what can you expect out of a swimming program at Athletic Revolution’s performance training? For starters, a crew of experienced and knowledgeable trainers and coaches. The staff are renowned the world over for having excellent training regimens, the kind that Phelps and his colleagues have made use of to become world and Olympic champions. As a young swimmer, you will get to benefit from the years of experience the trainers have, thus growing in strides in your training.

The trainers at Athletic Revolution will tailor a land based training program to improve your swimming performance. Every young swimmer is different, and thus requires a different set of training requirements. Depending on prior experience and knowledge of swimming techniques, every trainer you come across at Athletic Revolution will put you through the paces at your own speed, with a guarantee to take advantage of your specific talents and strengths to become the best swimmer.

At the swimming training sessions, one of the fundamental things you learn is body positioning. Body positioning is very crucial to great swimming, as your head and body have to be properly aligned in order to move swiftly in water. You should be completely horizontal in water, meaning your head, chest, and eyes have to be focused straight down in water, so you glide easily. Without proper training, a lot of swimmers never get their positioning right, which delays their growth in the sport.

Breathing is the next important aspect. Breathing in water is no easy task, and many swimmers take time to learn proper breathing techniques. Humans are more accustomed to breathing in air, and in water, they will have their head and face submerged in water. As a swimmer, you need to get used to having water around, and using the various breathing techniques to breathe properly. With expert training, you will learn how to breathe in rhythm and on any side (left or right), which will significantly improve your swimming technique.

Swimming is best performed through strokes, like breast stroke, backstroke, to name a few. All of these techniques have their advantages and best scenarios to utilize. As a swimmer, you need to be comfortable in one or two swimming strokes, for which you can train and focus on getting better at.

As a swimmer, the sport helps you keep fit and healthy. Because the water offers an almost weightless environment, there is minimum risk of injuring your joints. All the muscles of your body get the exercise they require to grow strong. Your movement in water greatly aids your flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. Your muscles are well toned, and your cardiovascular system improves significantly. Mentally, you build focus and resilience, as the process of pushing the water allows you to grow in these areas.

At Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, you will get all the help, coaching, advice, and training to become a better swimmer. Becoming a better athlete– stronger, faster, more conditioned, better coordination is crucial to being the best swimmer you can be. Athletic Revolution will set you up for the best success possible no matter your age or gender.

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