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Dylan Banded Super frog

By Coach Yun

Source: (6) Jason Yun Super Banded Frog Today’s mobilization of the day blog post comes from the help of Dylan Bunyak. Dylan is a baseball player and catcher is his main position. IN this position of squatting for hours on end during games, the hips, ankles will get extremely tight. We put him into the […]

Developing a complete athlete

By Coach Yun

What is a complete athlete? Or what does it take to develop one?  Sport-Specific Training  Power Development  Speed/Agility/Quickness (SAQ)  Multiple Joint Movements  Closed Chain Movements  Fitness  Conditioning  Regeneration/Mobilization  Periodization  Warm-up  Invisible Muscles  Nutrition  Sports Specific Training The highest level of this is the practice of sport skill—preparing for what you will do during competition. But […]

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