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Mistakes parents make with young athletes- part 2- Hilliard Sports Complex

By Coach Yun

  By Jason Yun Early Specialization Parents live through their children and wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome to see your child make it the professional ranks of their chosen sport and make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars! That would be awesome! However, early specialization might not make that possible! . Of course, it happens in […]

Athletic Revolution-Hilliard now offering free sport team workshops in Columbus

By Coach Yun

http://www.prlog.org/11789498-youth-sports-and-fitness-training-facility-offers-free-workshops-for-kids.html   Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is putting free workshops on for sports teams near the Hilliard, Columbus area.   Ages can be any where from 6-18. All different sports and athletes are welcome.   Workshops can include-   speed and agility flexibility nutrition mobility and coordination strength and conditioning resistance band training Combination Any skill you […]

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