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Family Fitness Fun

By Christian

A guest post from Paige Johnson of Learnfit.org   Family Fitness Fun Life is crazy sometimes. Family schedules clash, daily routines fill up every hour of the day, and there is very little genuine bonding time with the kids during the week. So what is typically the one thing that takes a backseat to the rest […]

Burpees For A Cause- 6/23/16 in Hilliard, Ohio

By Coach Yun

Improvement Warrior Fitness (our adult strength & Conditioning program) and Athletic Revolution-Hilliard will be putting on a Burpees for a Cause event on Thursday 6/23/16. The event will be held in our Hilliard Training facility (4601 Leap Ct, 43026) from 545 pm- 745 pm. The goal is to do as many full burpees or 1/2 […]

Kids and Sitting- Hilliard Schools

By Coach Yun

Sitting is bad. Kelley Starrett says ‘sitting is death’. And I agree! With kids sitting it’s an issue that will turn bad quick. The majority of kids are going to be going to school from 8-3 or on a similar schedule. With very little activity– the majority of schools don’t even have ‘gym’ anymore. When […]

Performance Nutrition For Kids & Teens- Hilliard, OH

By Coach Yun

In the video the owner and assistant coach of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, Jason Yun whips up a batch of sweet potato meat cakes. This is a great recipe to make for kids looking for something healthy to take to school or as a pre- or post-actvity  food. Nutrition is even more important for our kids as […]

A Mirage of Physical Activity For Hilliard Middle School Kids

By Coach Yun

A Mirage of Health and Fitness So today after training my Improvement Warrior Fitness clients for an earl 515 and 600 am workout, I decided to head over to the one of Hilliard’s Middle Schools for a quick workout. I had set the goal to train sprints and power once a week throughout spring and […]

Best Summer Camps for Kids in Hilliard & Columbus

By Coach Yun

If you are looking for a summer camp in the Columbus area or in a nearby suburb, what exactly are you looking for? What exactly do you want for your kid? Or teenager?  If they are in sports are you looking for a sport specific summer camp? Like soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball, baseball/softball, hockey? Or […]

▶ Hilliard High School Strength Training

By Coach Yun

Down below High School and Middle School students in Hilliard and Dublin train together with Resistance bands to get stronger and FASTER! No strength= slow kids on the field. At Athletic Revolution-Hilliard we build our athletes up to be the best athlete they can be. Not just good at one or two exercises or drills. […]

Challenge Day Results- Athletic Revolution Hilliard

By Coach Yun

Down below are the results for our Athletic Revolution Challenge Days. Congrats to all those who participated! 1.) 2-minute pushup test Rules: Begin the test in the up position.  Start the timer before the first descent. For a rep to count, you must go all the way down until the elbow is at least at […]

Agility drills Hilliard, OH for youth sports & fitness

By Coach Yun

Agility drills Hilliard, OH Youth Sports and Fitness – YouTube.   Youth speed training drills to make the best athletes in Hilliard and Dublin!- Join us for your child or teen’s free 2-week trial! http://www.athleticrevolutionhilliard.com/

Winter Break Stay In Shape Program

By Coach Yun

Athletic Revolution Will be Putting on a special 4 class event during the last 2 weeks of winter break.   Fun activities, workouts, and games are planned. Don’t let your kids do nothing! Get them moving!   Week 1- Tuesday and Thursday   12/20 and 12/22 6- 11 year olds- 530-615 pm 12+ year olds- […]

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