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Healthy Fudge Protein Brownie- Hilliard Nutrition

By Coach Yun

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of creating a superstar athlete, human, and student. If you feed them crap then you will get crap out. Notice I said ‘creating’ an athlete that will be a superstar. Superstars are not born. Some are born with natural ability, but the ones that excel in Hilliard […]

Hilliard Tharp Nutrition- Are Carbohydrates Essential?

By Coach Yun

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of visiting the Hilliard 6th grade school Tharp to talk to one of the staff their and some students about good nutrition and bad, and some of the rumors that are keeping kids (and adults from leading their prime life.) Mainly talking to them about the dangers of Carbohydrates! […]

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