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True Health Thursday- Calories and Toxins

By Coach Yun

Our next Nutritional Seminar will be covering Calories and Toxins. It will be on Thursday August 24 @ 735 pm at the Athletic Revolution-Hilliard studio: 4601 Leap Ct You Will Experience: Food- Low Carb Healthy Treats & Snacks A Nutritional System that kicks dieting, counting calories, weight fluctuations, toxins, body fat, and inches to the […]

Healthy Fudge Protein Brownie- Hilliard Nutrition

By Coach Yun

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of creating a superstar athlete, human, and student. If you feed them crap then you will get crap out. Notice I said ‘creating’ an athlete that will be a superstar. Superstars are not born. Some are born with natural ability, but the ones that excel in Hilliard […]

4th Annual 30-Day Paleo Challenge

By Coach Yun

Our 4th Annual 30-Day Paleo Challenge starts on 7/25/16 and goes through 8/23. This was the kick-off nutrition challenge that kick started our owner, Jason Yun‘s health craze off. And he has been on a mission to find the most healthy approach for people. Paleo is the easiest and quickest of our nutritional challenges to get […]

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