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Lifting Weights & Basketball- The Story Of Michael Jordan’s Breakfast Club

By Coach Yun

“Good Morning Jason! Coach Tucker doesn’t want them training during in-season because they need to be focused on their plays and it will throw off their shot. They have practice everyday but Sunday. So once season is over in a few weeks he will be back to Athletic Revolution in full swing.” -Basketball Parent   . The […]

February Athletic Training Announcements- Hilliard, Dublin, OH

By Coach Yun

  Phase 2 2016 Announcements February Athletic Training Announcements- Hilliard, Dublin, OH Hey, Parents and Champions! AHO! Happy Sunday to you!  Welcome to Phase 2! Transition Week: 3.7 – 3.12.16 New Phase starts 3/14/16 Remember this phase goes through next week 3/5. Then the assessments are the following week (3/7)–   See below to schedule  Please remember […]

Why Kids Should Play More Than One Sport – Part 1

By Coach Yun

Written by Brian Grasso Multilateral development is a theory which urges young athletes to participate in several sports over their childhood and adolescent periods prior to specializing in one. The basis is that varied athletic stimulus will serve to broaden the youngsters’ ‘warehouse’ or ‘portfolio’ of general athletic ability and develop a thorough or expansive […]

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