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Getting Faster Is Not Fancy

By Coach Yun

Getting Faster Is Not Fancy: Speed, Agility, Quickness Training For Youth Athletes in Hilliard, Ohio Speed, agility, quickness training is not just a bunch of speed or agility drills thrown randomly out that look cool on video. . If an athletes posture is off, have tight hips or quads or hamstrings, collapsed arches, sit too […]

Phase #4- Youth Athlete Strength & Speed Announcements

By Coach Yun

  Phase 4 2016 Announcements Phase #4- Youth Athlete Strength & Speed Announcements April 18- May 21st Welcome to Phase 4! TRANSITION WEEK— 5/16- 5/21   The FITRANX assessments are this week of (5/16)–   See below to schedule  Please remember that our COMPLETE class schedule for all classes is located here:AR SCHEDULEIn this issue: Schedule this […]

Kids and Sitting- Hilliard Schools

By Coach Yun

Sitting is bad. Kelley Starrett says ‘sitting is death’. And I agree! With kids sitting it’s an issue that will turn bad quick. The majority of kids are going to be going to school from 8-3 or on a similar schedule. With very little activity– the majority of schools don’t even have ‘gym’ anymore. When […]

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