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January 2016- Hilliard Speed, Strength Agility Training Announcements

By Coach Yun

Phase 1 2016 Announcements Hey, Parents and Champions! AHO! Happy Sunday to you! May your day be filled with awesomeness! Welcome to Phase 1! Week 3! 1/25 – 1/129/16- Remember this phase goes through next week 1/29. Then the assessments are the following week (2/1)– EVERYBODY MUST SCHEDULE THEIR ASSESSMENTS- if your child shows up without […]

Kids and Sitting- Hilliard Schools

By Coach Yun

Sitting is bad. Kelley Starrett says ‘sitting is death’. And I agree! With kids sitting it’s an issue that will turn bad quick. The majority of kids are going to be going to school from 8-3 or on a similar schedule. With very little activity– the majority of schools don’t even have ‘gym’ anymore. When […]

Developing a complete athlete

By Coach Yun

What is a complete athlete? Or what does it take to develop one?  Sport-Specific Training  Power Development  Speed/Agility/Quickness (SAQ)  Multiple Joint Movements  Closed Chain Movements  Fitness  Conditioning  Regeneration/Mobilization  Periodization  Warm-up  Invisible Muscles  Nutrition  Sports Specific Training The highest level of this is the practice of sport skill—preparing for what you will do during competition. But […]

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