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True Health Thursday- Calories and Toxins

By Coach Yun

Our next Nutritional Seminar will be covering Calories and Toxins. It will be on Thursday August 24 @ 735 pm at the Athletic Revolution-Hilliard studio: 4601 Leap Ct You Will Experience: Food- Low Carb Healthy Treats & Snacks A Nutritional System that kicks dieting, counting calories, weight fluctuations, toxins, body fat, and inches to the […]

4th Annual 30-Day Paleo Challenge

By Coach Yun

Our 4th Annual 30-Day Paleo Challenge starts on 7/25/16 and goes through 8/23. This was the kick-off nutrition challenge that kick started our owner, Jason Yun‘s health craze off. And he has been on a mission to find the most healthy approach for people. Paleo is the easiest and quickest of our nutritional challenges to get […]

Hilliard Tharp Nutrition- Are Carbohydrates Essential?

By Coach Yun

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of visiting the Hilliard 6th grade school Tharp to talk to one of the staff their and some students about good nutrition and bad, and some of the rumors that are keeping kids (and adults from leading their prime life.) Mainly talking to them about the dangers of Carbohydrates! […]

Hilliard Nutrition for Kids: Healthy French Fries

By Coach Yun

    We’re baking an awesome, healthy Paleo meal for you  or a Paleo snack, appetizer. Today we’re making Butternut Squash Fries. This is an awesomely simple healthy meal. It can be done pre-workout or practice, or after your child’s game, or practice or training. They are delcicious. Cooked in healthy oils and supply vitamins […]

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