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Mistakes parents make with young athletes- part 2- Hilliard Sports Complex

By Coach Yun

  By Jason Yun Early Specialization Parents live through their children and wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome to see your child make it the professional ranks of their chosen sport and make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars! That would be awesome! However, early specialization might not make that possible! . Of course, it happens in […]

Confidence In Youth- Is it Trainable?

By Coach Yun

This blog post comes from a champion who came in one time and then was done. She never came in again. This is a post I’ve wanted to post for a while on confidence in youth.  . Will refer to this client as Mary and her mother as Janet.  . I wanted to write this […]

A Mirage of Physical Activity For Hilliard Middle School Kids

By Coach Yun

A Mirage of Health and Fitness So today after training my Improvement Warrior Fitness clients for an earl 515 and 600 am workout, I decided to head over to the one of Hilliard’s Middle Schools for a quick workout. I had set the goal to train sprints and power once a week throughout spring and […]

Pizza and Vegetables Aren’t The Same

By Coach Yun

I recently wrote a press release about a subject that really got to me and made me extremely angry. You can check it out below. A new window will open up. http://www.prlog.org/11728204-united-states-congress-declares-pizza-sauce-vegetable-but-all-is-not-lost-in-hilliard.html Please read it to get the gist of everything. In summary: United states congress recently ruled that Pizza can be served to kids […]

Flexibility – More Than Just Stretching

By Coach Yun

Written by Brian Grasso Flexibility is a very misunderstood concept. For starters, flexibility and stretching have long been considered to be the same thing, when in fact, they’re not. Performing basic static stretches (like a standard hamstring or calf stretch) can certainly increase the resting length and decrease the tone of a given muscle, but […]

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