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Developing a complete athlete

By Coach Yun

What is a complete athlete? Or what does it take to develop one?  Sport-Specific Training  Power Development  Speed/Agility/Quickness (SAQ)  Multiple Joint Movements  Closed Chain Movements  Fitness  Conditioning  Regeneration/Mobilization  Periodization  Warm-up  Invisible Muscles  Nutrition  Sports Specific Training The highest level of this is the practice of sport skill—preparing for what you will do during competition. But […]

Why Exercise Machines Are Dangerous

By Coach Yun

Written by Brian Grasso There is no real danger in kids performing machine based training under the proper supervision and appropriate guidelines. Many studies done the world over have concluded that strength based training programs done on this kind of fitness equipment is very safe for young children (again under appropriate guidelines). My issue is not […]

Speed Training… Not What You Think It Is?

By Coach Yun

Written by Brian Grasso As the parent or coach of a young athlete, this is going to be the most important article you ever read. It has to do with speed training and, as a parent, what you likely don’t know about that topic. Moreover, the incorrect information that many other Trainers and Coaches are giving […]

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