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Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is now offering Team Training packages for all sports! Ages are our regular groups of 8-13 and 14-25* Our team of certified strength & conditioning coaches will design a comprehensive training program that far exceed the needs of your athletes based on their sport, position, experience, skill level and performance goals! Gain an edge on your competition,  prevent the risk of injury, while building valuable team chemistry! Bring in your team or put together a team of friends and take your game to the next level………together we can, together we will, RISE UP!

*Please note that the majority of our 13 year olds are put into the older group, however it is still determined on a case by case.

If your Middle School, High School, College, Club, or Travel team is not participating in a structured strength & conditioning sports performance program under the watchful eye of qualified Strength Coaches, then your athletes are not going to reach their full potential! Quality Sports Performance training goes far beyond just lifting weights. Comprehensive programming and Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) should include Mobility, Corrective Exercise, Speed, Agility, Plyometric/Jump training, Coordination, Balance training, Stamina and much more!* Sport Coaches work too hard in every other aspect of their job to put Strength and Conditioning for their youth athletes on the back burner!

*Please read our developing the complete athlete blog post here

Team Training sessions can be held at Athletic Revolution OR at your home practice facility/ school!

Team Packages can be as low as $5 per athlete per session (based on number of sessions/ athletes)!

Instructional Workshops

  • Other things we can do for your team is Athletic Revolution-Hilliard Coaches will host, teach and refine different attributes in a general or specific workshop for your team. The different workshops that we put on are
    • Speed & Agility
    • Sprint Technique
    • Strength Training technique
    • Olympic Lifting & Accessory Lifts Technique
    • Mobility & Injury Prevention
    • Balance & Coordination
    • Jump & Plyometric Training
    • Resistance Band Training
    • Kettlebells
    • Posture & Sitting and how it affects your health and athletic performance.
    • Nutrition for Youth Performance Dominance 
    • Recovery & Regeneration (includes Foam Rolling 1.0 and 2.0)
  • All workshops can be mixed and match based on the needs of your team
  • Also available for P.E Teachers in the Hilliard, Dublin, Columbus, Galloway, Upper Arlington, and Grove City areas.

All sessions can either be held at the Athletic Revolution Sports Training Facility in Hilliard, OH, or at your home field, court or training facility!*

*Depending on Athletic Revolution Coach availability.

Team sessions can also join our regular class training schedule depending on if classes are not full and the number of athletes you are wanting to be added to our classes. Please see our regular class schedule here. 

Pricing will be determined by package type, frequency and duration of sessions, number of athletes and location. 

 Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is willing to offer a complimentary training session to groups of 10 athletes or more that may be interested in purchasing a Team/ Group package*

*Depending on Athletic Revolution Coach availability and when you want the demo training session performed.
There are certain training principles that are crucial to the short and long term success of any young athlete. We not only understand this at Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, we live by it. Our athletes train hard on the skill and proficiency of performing activities that improve speed, agility, strength, power and injury resistance.


To register your team please email: Jason Yun or call our office: 614-304-1426

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