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Dublin, OH athletes know mindset wins championships

Getting work done – Athletic Revolution-Hilliard

Above 3 of our Athletic Revolution-Hilliard champions work together to pull a 350 pound tire around on our turf.

These are some of our smaller athletes and the key with doing something or anything that seems insurmountable is mindset. Especially when lifting a big huge tractor tire.

There is a huge difference between the ‘I’ll Try’ crowd and the ‘Doing it’ crowd. The ‘Doing it’ are champions and go places in life. The ‘I’ll try crowd’ settles for the leftovers.

At first it was just one of them ‘doing it’ to move the tire. Then 2 of them. Finally all 3 joined in and they got that tire moving across the entire turf.

In the video below, Jason Yun the owner of Athletic Revolution-Hilliard talks about why mindset is so much more important then anything to become successful at whatever you choose to go after in life, sports, career, relationships, whatever!

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