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In this day of junk and processed foods, kids the world over risk developing health problems at younger ages than was previously thought of. The solution to many of the health problems is keeping fit, and what better way to do so than to run track or participate in a field event?

Running, especially sprinting or relays, is a fun activity to engage in, and as a young boy or girl, you greatly benefit the mental and physical aspects of your body a great service by choosing to engage in track. If you have ever watched track meets before, then you have borne witness to the exhilarating moments when track athletes push themselves to the limits in an effort to claim first place. You no longer have to be on the sidelines watching; you can be the one providing all the big moments, pushing yourself on the final stretch of the 400 meters race to take gold.

Running track is divided, for the most part, into two: long distance races and the short distance races (more commonly known as sprints). Depending on your specific running skills, you can choose to run the long distances (cross country, marathons), or go for the shorter distances (100 meter sprints). Regardless of your choice, you will soon become part of one of the most enjoyable sports in the world.

Running is not solely about putting one foot in front of the other. Though the running part is essential, young athletes are often taught at a young age the importance of mental focus, determination, and concentration is they are to be successful at track. More to that, running is also about form and technique, two important aspects that lead to significant improvement and also reduce the risks of injury.

Proper form and technique are very important to a runner. With the proper form, you ensure that your movement is fluid all the way, thus minimizing any chances of injuring yourself. And since the action of running is a repetitive one, you can easily cause long term injury if you fail to follow proper form. Technique is more about the following the right procedure while running. How you follow through on your running technique greatly impacts your speed and pace. Sprinters know all about technique, since it enables them to gain speed simply by moving the body in the right way.

Also important aspects that you get to learn from the Athletic Revolution-Hilliard’s track & Field training team is speed and endurance. For short distance sprinters, it is all about speed. Breaking track records Usain Bolt-style requires that you train hard and consistently at your speed, and that you are afforded all the right knowledge on how to become faster. Long distance track athletes also have to be fast, but for the most part, they need inordinate amounts of stamina and endurance. Running at steady pace for over an hour takes a great deal of endurance which only comes from good training.

All good athletes have one thing in common: great coaching. You can have all the physical aspects in the world, but without an experienced mentor to help you grow, your path to success will be a long one. This is why as a young track athlete, you are encouraged to enroll in youth coaching and training camps where you will get expert help and advice on how to become a better runner. At a young age, your mind is better able to soak in all the advice and techniques you will be open to, thus ensuring that your path to track success is an easy one.

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Athletic Revolution-Hilliard has the most effective youth track training program in the world, and you would benefit greatly by enrolling now.


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