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Athletic Revolution Volleyball Training

As a young teen, volleyball is one of the best sports you can engage in and play throughout your life. For one, volleyball is a physically intensive sport, meaning you get to train your body to improved levels of fitness. The sport also requires a great degree of concentration and coordination, qualities that improve your mental capacity and also can be used in the classroom and in life.

Below two of our superstar athletes engage in some balance and coordination drills:

As you can see, your life greatly benefits by choosing to play volleyball, and the mental and physical improvements you experience will last for a lifetime.

Choosing to play volleyball requires that you have great coaching and training. The sport has specific demands on your body, for which specific training is required. This is best achieved by enrolling in a athlete specific strength, power, agility, and coordination training program that turns you into the best athlete on the court, such as the one offered by Athletic Revolution-Hilliard. What Athletic Revolution has done is find the best youth volleyball strength & conditioning coaches and come up with a training program that will allow you to improve your young athlete’s skills exponentially, thus affording you a chance to become a really great volleyball player. Open to youth from the ages of 8-13 and 14-22, Athletic Revolution’s volleyball training program is the perfect program suited to your needs.

A lot of school training takes the one-size-fits-all approach, that is mainly running and gym sessions. While such training is good for overall fitness, volleyball requires that you perform volleyball specific routines and exercises. Specific training trains the whole body, and also focuses on areas of the body that will be utilized during a normal volleyball game. The sport requires constant jumping, and thus the legs and calves should be exercised specifically for that task. To spike the ball over the net, a lot of arm power is needed. Thus, the core and shoulders need to be exercised specifically for that task. In short, for every action on a volleyball court, you require the specific exercise to perform that action, and that is what Athletic Revolution volleyball training program ensures you get. Volleyball is not an endurance sport, it is all about power. Blog Post why running is not conditioning.

During the training program, the coaches will focus on teaching you the athletic skills and movement necessary for our most basic to advance strength, agility, power, and coordination exercises to thrive in the game. With more repetitions in the gym just like in the actual gam, the skills become natural, and going by each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, a team is slowly formed. Being part of a solid v-ball team is something to be very excited about, as you get to be part of and contribute to growth of talent.

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Communication among volleyball players is an important part of training. All the players on a team have to be on the same page, otherwise blunders will contribute to losses. As such, by being part of the Athletic Revolution training program, you get to learn how to communicate properly with your AR teammates. Along the way, you also get to interact with other excited and like-minded youths, thus make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Practice makes perfect! This must be eliminated from your young athlete’s vocabulary– PRACTICE ONLY MAKES IMPROVEMENT! Thee is no such thing as perfection. You must practice strength and power and agility to get better. It never just comes even to those who make it look natural. Even Michael Jordan had to work very, very hard. Winning teams are often those that have taken the time to practice their game with the advantage of great coaching. At Athletic Revolution’s program, you are afforded the chance to grow, first as an individual, and later as part of a team. All through the strength and speed and agility drills, you will learn the importance of proper execution and attention to detail, as these are the qualities that make great volleyball players.

In all this, remember that volleyball is a fun game. All through the athletic training at AR, you get a chance to participate in loads of fun, all while keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Rise up and join Athletic Revolution-Hilliard for your 2-week trial and see if you have what it truly takes to be a Volleyball champion!


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