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Kids think they know it all— and unfortunately so do some adults.
Strength and Conditioning for athletes is serious business. Do it on your own or have an incompetent coach or trainer and they could possibly severely retard or stop athletic and fitness prowess & progress–
Short-Term Or Permanently
We understand not everybody has the time to attend Athletic Revolution-Hilliard on a regular basis. 
Some want to do it on their own– either at home or at the gym. That is fine, but we at Athletic Revolution know the dangers of that. 
Especially with an unqualified coach and/or doing it on their own. 
We want to make sure that success is guaranteed when performing every single exercise. 
So if you child is performing any of the following:
– Barbell Lifts
– Olympic Lifts
– Kettlebell Training
– Bodyweight
– Dumbbell Training
– Jump Training
– Agility Training
– Plyometric Training
– Speed Training (form)
Then you need to have your child come in for the AR Weight Training Assessment. 
The body is adaptable. Performing exercises or athletic movements with crappy form will produce a crappy results. And will leave your young athlete at a much greater risk for injury. 
‘….repeated stimuli means that even short periods of inappropriate patterns of strength training can be detrimental to sporting performance.’ 
– Mel Siff, PhD- Supertraining 
If your child is an athlete and they are performing exercises on a machine or any cardio piece of equipment then you need to stop them immediately and hire a qualified strength and conditioning coach or Athletic Revolution-Hilliard. 
‘Strength Training on machines which restrict the movements of the joints involved….thereby reduce the functional or sport-specific capability of many of the muscles used to execute that (sporting) movement). 
-Mel Siff PhD- SuperTraining

How Much?


  • $49 per assessment
  • Discounts:
  • More then one child- 10% off each child
  • Parent is client of our adult service(s)- 10% off
  • Parent is employee of Fire/Police/EMS/Military/Teacher/Nurse- 10% off
Other Services From Athletic Revolution-Hilliard
With our regular Monday-Saturday Athletic Revolution-Hilliard program we train athletes and non-athletes helping to make the best overall athlete they can be, regardless of sport. 
But understand, we consider everybody to be an athlete. EVERYBODY! Not just the ones coming through our doors- This includes You Too Parents!
Registration Form Weight Training Form Assessment
If registering more then one child, please resubmit this form for each child, using the same parent’s registration information. Thank you. 
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