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Soccer is the world’ most popular sport, and one only has to look at the fervor with which fans across the world support their teams to appreciate its power. As a young boy or girl (between the ages of 8-13 and 14-22) you may want to become a better soccer player, but have no idea where to get the right training.

Athletic Revolution is your choice soccer training partner, and through our intensive and highly beneficial soccer strength & speed trainers and coaches, you will get to greatly increase your soccer skills.

Besides being incredibly fun, playing soccer enables you to stay active, healthy, strong, and fit. If you have trouble sticking to a fitness regimen but enjoy sports, then soccer is for you. And as a young player, you will benefit a lot from the existence of soccer little league teams where you can showcase the skills you learn at the Athletic Revolution-Hilliard training academy.

Playing soccer doesn’t necessarily require special tricks and skills. While having such moves in your arsenal makes you a unique player, for the most part, you need a team to win. Being good at soccer requires that you learn the basics, be fit, and act smart. Most professional male and female soccer players will tell you the same; the basics are important, and that winning is all about teamwork. With the right training and lots of practice, you develop the necessary skills required to be a competitive and smart soccer player.

An essential part of playing soccer is dribbling. By knowing how to properly dribble, with speed and control, you become more confident in your game. The advantage of world class soccer coaches on your side enables you to learn the best dribbling techniques, and in no time you will be making goal scoring runs. At Athletic Revolution, you will be put through the various coordination, stability, balance and core drills and exercises in order to develop your control over the ball. Maintaining possession through dribbling is an essential part of the game so strengthening your coordination and balance is essential.

Passing is the other aspect of the game. It is at this juncture that you get to learn about teamwork and how involving your teammates is the only way to win games. Passing has many different aspects to it, such as direct passing, providing crosses, and so on. Any pass you make on the soccer ball has to reach its target, or achieve a purpose. Players spend hours working on their passes, and with good training you will have the opportunity to perfect your passes as well. Our Strength & Conditioning Coaches will work with you develop endurance, stamina, and kicking power through the basics of squats, lunges, deceleration drills and much more.

While those are some of the fundamental aspects of playing futbol, there are other specific roles on a team. As a young player, you may have already noticed you have a knack for defending, scoring goals, setting up passes that result in goals, or goalkeeping. At your young age, you are in a great position to grow your individual skill. Be it as a defender, goalkeeper, midfielder, or striker, you can be assured the right training here at AR to become the most effective player at your position. Our goal is to make you the best overall athlete you can be through strength, speed, agility, power, coordination, and stamina training.

Like with many physically intensive activities, playing soccer has many health benefits. Your cardiovascular system improves, blood pumps through your veins faster, your body is able to get rid of toxins much effectively, and your bones and muscles are strengthened and toned. Being active from a young age keeps away any weight problems, and by keeping fit, you are actually extending your chances of living longer.

Enroll today for Athletic Revolution’s world class ‘football’ training program grow your skills, and overall health, to tremendous heights. AR will help to increase your strength, speed, agility, coordination, and balance– making you into the best athlete on the field.

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Brian Watkins Soccer Olympic Goalie Hilliard

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