Youth Soccer Year Round in Columbus?

Below is a video that Head Coach of Athletic Revolution Pembroke near Boston did. Dave was the International Youth Conditioning Association Coach of the Year.

He makes some very valid points and I wholeheardetly agree with him. Young kids not in high school should not play a sport year round. Most high schoolers shouldn’t specialize either.

If you look at most professional sports they don’t play year round. They have distinct seasons- off-season, pre-season, In-season, post-season. They never play year round. Some sports are just too physical and mental a drain to do so.

Plus a young athlete’s body doesn’t have the recuperative abilities like adults. At a young age they’re body is still growing. Their reflexes are still developing. Central nervous system still developing. Personalities still developing.

You don’t want them to burn out on a sport because they display an awesome athletic ability in their sport playing against 6 year olds, or 9 year olds. The chances that they will make it to the pros is microscopic.

So wait till at least high school before specializing. College would be even better. Let your child free play, and let them play as many different sports as possible when they are young. This will give them the greatest chance to succeed at one when they become an adult.

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